60 Tattoos for Couples in Love

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The origin of tattoos dates back to about 12 thousand years ago, however, it was in the 60s, where the first tattoo boom took place, at the hands of hippies and urban tribes. In the eighteenth century, specifically the year 1771, in which the explorer James Cook exported art to Western high society, symbolizing a new movement in the world of tattooing. The second tattoo boom came to the United States with more force, in the 90s, although its practice was limited to small premises in the neighborhoods of the city. Despite its multiple restrictions, it was gaining ground over the years, getting rid of the damage, which was attributed to those who dared to wear one, it was a fashion that settled and that over time was gaining ground and normalizing, until staying permanently in the 21st century.

Within the world of tattooing, there are no limits to the imagination, in fact, one always seeks to be original and unique, that is why the idea that we want to capture on the skin must be thought through a lot. Tattoos and love have been going hand in hand for years, when we are in a relationship, we always think that she will be the definitive person, with whom we will spend the rest of our lives, and we seek to have a gesture of love towards her, because of In this way we are showing commitment, even sometimes loyalty or fidelity. The tattoo becomes a sign or a promise of the future together, with it we want to show our unconditional love, because the feeling is so strong that it leads us to commit certain crazy things. It is a fashion that has no age, although initially, it is the youngest who dare to carry it out, age is not an impediment, if we think that the tattoo is a means to express what we feel for our partner. The size of the tattoos is indifferent, what is really important is the meaning that is given to it, or the history that it keeps, because many times, a tattoo as a couple is a memory that we want to be very present in the day to day, to keep the flame of love alive.

Despite the fact that we live in a time where love for life expires sooner than we think, there are always inveterate romantics, who bet everything on each relationship, without thinking about the future consequences, or who simply decides to do what you feel in each moment .

For those people, who can get tired of the tattoos that are done, it is recommended that they think of a place that is not within sight, or that is smaller in size. It is good to be advised by an experienced tattoo artist, so that the tattoo is as neutral as possible.

Tattoos for lovers in any part of the body:

  1. Two pieces of the same puzzle: They can have a drawing in common, some number or maybe they can be the same color. With this you tell your partner that he is the piece that fits with you in the puzzle of love.
  2. A cake that is missing a piece:  One takes the piece and another whole cake, that is, the cake is incomplete because it lacks the essential piece, to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.
  3. A pizza that is missing a slice: One would take the whole pizza and the other the missing portion, if the pizza has certain ingredients, it can symbolize that both have the same tastes when it comes to food or various aspects of the life in general and that are common among them.
  4. The crowns: Each one can wear the crown corresponding to their sex, with their date of birth or their name, or that the woman wear a man’s crown with the date of birth of this, and the man the same but the crown must be a woman
  5. The yang and the yang: Each one carries one, both complement each other, since one is the light that is represented in white, the other is the darkness that appears in black, they also symbolize good and bad. However, together they find the perfect harmony.
  6. The infinity symbol: Each one has the eight-shaped symbol in a horizontal position, in one of the parts you can include a word, in Spanish or English, such as “Always”, “Forever” or mixing the number “4+ever”. ”, “together”, or in Spanish. With this tattoo it is symbolized that love will be for life, or it is done with the hope that it will be so.
  7. Heart-shaped padlock and a key: The padlock must have an opening in the shape of the key that opens it. With this drawing we want to express that the key is the only one that opens or fits in the heart of the person who carries the padlock.
  8. An electrocardiogram: The drawing of an electrocardiogram in which a heart appears, in this way it is telling the other party that his heart beats for her or for him.
  9. Musical notes: Each of the parts can have a small score with some notes, the treble clef, or simply the notes alone or written, for example: one can have “Do Re MI” and the other “Fad Sol La Is”. ”. With them you want to tell the other party that it is the melody or the song of your life.
  10. The bow and arrow: Each one will carry a part, one the bow with a heart or with his name, and the other the arrow that pierced him also with his name, that is, each one has his own written name on his drawing. This symbolizes that Cupid was right, in his work of bringing lovers together.
  11. Sun, moon and eclipse: Both would tattoo the three things, meaning that in this case the boy is the sun, the girl the moon, and together they form the eclipse. They are two great stars, so having them tattooed would mean that two great powers of love have met, and they seal their passion when they meet, that is, when they come together to form the eclipse.
  12. A heart and the initial, or initials of the name of the loved one: Each one tattoos a heart that can be outlined, or colored in some color; it can be the favorite color of the loved one, next to the first letter of his name or also that of their surnames.
  13. Special dates: On one side of the finger, you can put a significant date of the couple, which can be the day they met, the day they had the first date, the first kiss. The numbers can be normal, or in Roman numerals to give them a touch of mystery, and make you think when reading them. By leaving it tattooed, it symbolizes the importance for the couple, that day, month and year, as an indelible memory for both.
  14. A drawing of an anchor and his name: Each one has a drawing of an anchor and the name of the person he loves. Putting them together means that she feels anchored to that person’s love.
  15. Winged heart split in half: The wings in the heart can mean that the feelings of both are in the air, because they fly with their wings, it can also symbolize freedom, within the couple, in cases where the couple is open.
  16. A Match, a flame and a name: The name of the other is always put, because together with the match and the flame of fire, it is wanted to express that this person is the one who ignites their passion. The flame can also symbolize that love will always be on, that is, alive, between you.
  17. A lighter, a candle and a name: Like subliminal messages, the name would be put first, then the lighter and then the candle. In this way you want to express that this person lights up your life with his love for her.
  18. Romantic phrase: Some significant phrase, taken from a book or movie that you both like. It can also be from a stanza of a poem.
  19. Title of a song: Maybe it’s the song that was playing in the place where you met, or it just reminds you of a special day you spent together, even the song can tell your love story.
  20. Fingerprint of the loved one along with the date you met: This leaves a record that on that day, your partner left you marked for life, because he fell in love with you.
  21. Alliances or rings: They symbolize the union of the couple for the rest of their lives.
  22. Intertwined hands with the initials of both on each of the hands: This tattoo expresses the wish that their names, like their hands, are always together.
  23. Two hands with the little fingers joined and the word «Promise» or in English «Promise».
  24. The drawing of a real heart: The heart must be the real organ, which can have the name of the loved one written in the center.
  25. A magnet and a metal heart: Each one has a drawing; together they mean that one is the magnet that attracts the heart, that is, the love of the other.
  26. Spaceship and a planet: Each one would carry a part. It symbolizes that it is the ship that arrived at its planet of love.
  27. A pen that writes the name of the person you love.
  28. The Sapp emoticon of lovers.
  29. The tree of life and below the names of both: It symbolizes that they want to stay together for life, take root and form a family.
  30. A magic wand, a heart and the names of both: It symbolizes that between the two there is the magic of love.

Animal tattoos

If you both like the same animal, you can each tattoo the one corresponding to your sex, representing them with Disney characters.

  1. Two dogs, for example, the lady and the tramp eating the spaghetti.
  2. Two cats, each with a collar, where the couple’s names are written. Duchess and Thomas O’Malley.
  3. Mackie and Minnie.
  4. Donald and daisy
  5. Samba and Nula
  6. Claimer and Priscilla.
  7. Wolf and a she-wolf with a rose in her mouth
  8. Bugs Bunny and Lola.
  9. Yogi Bear and Cindy
  10. Bernard and Bianca.

Tattoos with original phrases:

  1. I am just flesh and bones without you.
  2. You’re my perfect dream.
  3. You are my existence and my feeling.
  4. The air smells of you.
  5. I want to be the light, the salt your awakening.
  6. You and me two souls in a bubble.
  7. You are the light that illuminates my smile
  8. Your mouth and mine are poetry.
  9. The water of your love quenches my thirst.
  10. You came and my world changed.
  11. My hands dream of your skin.
  12. My wings in the wind need your kisses.
  13. Nothing is easy or difficult; I just want you to be there.
  14. My heart, my life and my truth, my old loneliness only exist to love you.
  15. I live because your love dwells in me.
  16. Your look makes me great.
  17. You are simply everything I want.
  18. If I dedicate myself to dreaming, only your name comes out.
  19. The universe wrote that you were for me.
  20. You are my Destiny.


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