Couples Therapy: What It Is Like and How to Know If It Is Needed

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If you are looking for what couples therapy is like, it is surely because you have a conflict with your partner and you are looking for a way to solve it. Believe it or not, it is normal for there to be difficulties within couples both in courtships and in marriages.

Sometimes small conflicts end up becoming very important and grow as time goes by, because by not being attended to accordingly, they end up getting worse and affecting the relationship with the couple.

It is quite common, especially in couples who have been in a relationship for several years, that tensions often begin to generate, even generating certain boredom towards the couple. But this does not mean that the courtship or marriage has failed.

Knowing what it is like and how to know that couples therapy is needed is very important for those people who wish to continue their relationship and are still in love, but are aware that there are conflicts that are complicating harmony within or within the couple.

That is why today we want to show you what couples therapy is like so that, if you need it, you can get an idea of ​​what you and your partner will experience once you see a psychologist.

What do you need for it and know if it is needed?

  • partner
  • psychological help

Instructions for it and know if it is needed

What is couples therapy?

  1. There are two ways to receive couples therapy, one is when the two parts of the couple attend therapy together and voluntarily, in these cases the progress tends to have greater benefits to improve the relationship. However, only one part of the couple can attend therapy, although in these cases the benefits obtained for the couple tend to be less and the chances of improving the couple decrease.
  2. In therapy, the psychologist will evaluate the situation in which the couple finds itself according to the panorama. The psychologist will observe the discussions, fights, comments and arguments of each of the parts of the couple and will give her point of view and the possible solution or advice to be able to remedy those conflicts.
  3. In this type of therapy, it is about emphasizing the understanding and communication of the couple in such a way that the couple is expected to talk openly about their problems, no matter how minimal and absurd they may seem to us, always respecting the opinions that have to be given and trying to feel sympathy and understanding for the person, in this way it is more possible to solve those problems that may be the ones that are wearing down the relationship.
  4. Advice will also be given on ways to live with a couple to increase or rekindle the love and trust between them. It is about seeking that the happiness that our partner provides us is constant, healthy and fair. It is important to understand that the couple is not a belonging and is not assured as part of us, but that coexistence and affection will have to be worked on day by day, demonstrating each part of the couple in equality and reciprocity that they can be a functional couple. And sincere.

How do we know if we should go to couples therapy?

Below we will show you some situations, if you consider living any of these situations it means that you should go to couples therapy:

  • It irritates me to spend time together with my partner.
  • I don’t like living with my partner.
  • What he says annoys me.
  • I am not interested in your problems or activities.
  • He doesn’t spend time with me.
  • I feel that my partner does not listen to me.
  • I think sexual desire has been lost.
  • I don’t know how to say if I really love my partner.
  • I feel obliged to be with my partner.
  • I think our relationship affects other people.
  • I think my partner doesn’t care about me.
  • It consumes too much my time.
  • I am jealous.
  • She is jealous.
  • I feel like he manipulates me.
  • He has been unfaithful to me.
  • I feel like he’s cheating on me.
  • We argue frequently.

If you identified with any of the above situations, you should definitely consider couples therapy as an option to follow.

Factors to consider before going to couples therapy

  1. Couples therapy does not necessarily have the sole purpose of resuming and repairing damaged relationships, couples therapy also serves to end healthily and without rancor those relationships that are dysfunctional and that definitely for the good of both should not continue. If you feel that you do not want to continue with your partner, resorting to couples therapy to end your relationship amicably may be ideal.
  2. If, on the other hand, you really want to resume the relationship you have with your partner, you should consider that if your partner is not willing to continue with the relationship, it may have to be ended. Couples therapy should be something that benefits both, not just one, if your partner does not want to continue with you it is because love has died on their part and the fact that you continue to love someone who does not love you is only an emotional wear on your part that will end up seriously affecting you.
  3. Forcing your partner to go to therapy is also not appropriate, although as we mentioned before, therapy can be given even to only one part of the couple and not both, to achieve the healthiest benefits that can help us regenerate our relationship, it is preferable to attend with our partner. Forcing our partner could end up generating more tensions and a bit of repudiation towards you.

Tips for is and know if it is needed

  • As long as there is a desire to resume the couple, nothing has been lost and nothing has been gained, if you have the desire to have a healthy relationship, these types of activities can help you improve and repair the relationship you have.
  • This type of therapy can also be taken by premarital courtships since they help to have a more mature and concrete vision of what life could be within marriage and the way in which it will lead.
  • Couples therapy is also useful for divorced people since if there was tension and serious problems before the divorce, they can try to solve the emotional conflicts that have been generated because of these problems, so that even after the separation both parties They will be able to have a more bearable and healthy life in relation to the separation.
  • It may also be appropriate to take couples therapy if you feel that your relationship, even if you do not consider it bad, is affecting your children if you have them, because many times, even if parents do not notice it, they may be creating family tension that stresses or affects the emotional health of their children.
  • When we talk about cases of domestic violence, before considering repairing the relationship and returning to that person, we must take into account that when a relationship is advanced (that is, it has lasted several years) and there is violence, sometimes it is more difficult to end the relationship because a conflict is generated. Bond of dependency in the couple that prevents perceiving the importance of the situation that is being experienced. In these cases it is often better to consider separation.


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