Definitive Sterilization Methods

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Do you already know what the definitive sterilization methods are?

There are many partial or total contraceptive methods. Partial contraceptive methods are those that help us prevent pregnancies without directly affecting our fertility for a long time. Among these types of methods are the usual hormonal contraceptive methods and barrier methods, the latter also protect us from sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Luckily for all of us and for all of us, due to the great diversity that exists in terms of contraception options, with the help of our trained doctor we can choose which is the most appropriate method to be able to exercise our birth control. However, there are women and men who, despite all these options, are sure that they do not want to conceive, and therefore prefer to choose definitive sterilization methods.

However, choosing a definitive sterilization method is something that should be thought about with great caution, care and patience, because beyond the fact that we are exercising our right to decide whether or not we want to have children or the way in which we use our body. All contraceptive methods of definitive sterilization carry possible risks to our health which can be permanent, and we must be aware of these possible disadvantages if we have made a definitive decision.

That is why I will be reporting everything you need to know about this type of sterilization method.

What do you need

  • Take all kinds of realistic precautions before performing a total sterilization
  • Consult a doctor to analyze your health status


Assure Method

This method has been considered by many doctors as a safe method of permanent sterilization which in turn can serve as an alternative to tubal ligation. It consists of inserting two small metal screws into the pathways of the fallopian tubes.

After three months have elapsed, the screws will be covered by the curiosity of the tubes, permanently preventing both the eggs from traveling to the uterus and the sperm from gaining access to the eggs. This is a permanent method of sterilization that is quite effective.

Among the most common symptoms of women who decide to perform this method are:

  1. Bleeding, sudden and abundant hemorrhages.
  2. Back pain.
  3. Abdominal swelling.
  4. Fluid retention and weight gain.
  5. Possible abdominal distention.
  6. Nausea, dizziness and vomiting.
  7. vaginal dryness
  8. vaginal infections
  9. Urinary infections.
  10. Uterine infections.
  11. Allergic reactions to metals in Assure devices.
  12. Possible increase in the amount of body hair.
  13. Hair loss on the scalp.
  14. Decreased or inhibited sexual appetite.
  15. Possible development of toxic shock syndrome.
  16. Mood changes.
  17. In many cases, after a few years, a hysterectomy is required when this method has failed and has damaged the woman’s reproductive system.

Tubal ligation

This is one of the definitive contraception methods most used by women around the world. It literally consists of tying the fallopian tubes to close the ducts and prevent the eggs from traveling to the uterus and the sperm from reaching the eggs.

This is a permanent method, it is worth noting this because many people believe that the tubes can be tied and untied to get pregnant again. However, this is not the case, because although there have been cases in which the woman manages to “accidentally get pregnant”, once the body has been operated on, there is no going back.

Postoperative symptoms from tubal ligation may be or include any of the following:

  1. Frequent and abundant vaginal bleeding.
  2. Cramps and abdominal cramps.
  3. Nausea, dizziness and vomiting.
  4. Weight gain and fluid retention.
  5. Possible abdominal distention.
  6. Possible increase in body hair.
  7. Decreased sexual appetite.
  8. vaginal dryness
  9. Mood changes.
  10. In approximately 17% of the cases of women who undergo fallopian tube ligation, a subsequent hysterectomy is required due to complications that occur after the surgery.
  11. Approximately 5.4 of the women who have undergone fallopian tube ligation are pregnant, so the effectiveness rate of this sterilization method is not 100% effective in all cases.


This is not in itself a method of sterilization. This is a surgery that is performed mostly in special cases in which the patient has presented complications for which the uterus has to be removed. Hysterectomies can be common in women with uterine cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine prolapse, health complications from invasive birth control methods such as IUDs, or Assure sterilization and ligation

The symptoms that may occur after a total or partial removal of the uterus are the following:

  1. Hot flashes or sudden temperature changes.
  2. Decreased or inhibited sexual appetite.
  3. vaginal dryness
  4. Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.
  5. Increased body hair.
  6. Possible decrease in hair on the scalp.
  7. Possible weight gain and fluid retention.


Vasectomy is a method of male sterilization that has become very popular in recent years. This method consists of cutting and sealing the ducts that allow the semen to reach the penis and thereby prevent it from being released. In this way, the man remains permanently sterile, since he will not be able to release sperm to be able to get pregnant.

However, there have been cases of pregnancy, especially in those couples who have had sexual intercourse shortly after the vasectomy has been performed, since during the first months and even during the first year after having performed this intervention There is approximately a 1% chance of pregnancy.

When a vasectomy is performed, the man’s body will continue to generate semen, however the sperm will be reabsorbed by the body as a protein, which is often considered by the body as a foreign protein and can be rejected by the body, and this can cause health problems or complications for the Baron, including the risk of a heart attack.

Another of the most notorious possible inconveniences that can be generated after a vasectomy, although it is not very common, is the development of dementia, to be more exact, we are talking about Primary Progressive Aphasia. This type of mental disorder affects cognitive functions and especially life in men.

Some of the possible symptoms or health alterations that a man may suffer after undergoing a vasectomy are:

  1. Increases the possibility of developing diabetes mellitus.
  2. Imbalance in the glycemic index and increased glucose in the body.
  3. Tenderness, swelling, hives, and increased chance of developing skin infections.
  4. Possible weight gain and fluid retention.
  5. Decreased sexual appetite and possible dissatisfaction.
  6. Bloody semen and penile bleeding.
  7. Swelling in the testicular area.
  8. Increases the possibility of developing stones in the urinary tract.
  9. Possible pain in the genital area.
  10. Possible development of erectile dysfunction.
  11. Possible development of depression and sudden mood swings.
  12. Possible development of dementia.
  13. Possible development of thrombophlebitis.


  • As you can see, there are definitive sterilization methods that can help you prevent pregnancies. However, not everything in these methods is advantages. Each body is different and reacts differently to each situation or in this case, method. Some people undergo sterilizations without experiencing any long-term negative symptoms throughout their lives that could severely alter their level of health. However, we will also top you with cases of people whose only complications have been after undergoing sterilization. Therefore, it is always important that whether you have decided to sterilize yourself, have a check-up from time to time to be able to observe how your health is.
  • No contraceptive method, whether total or partial, will protect you against infections or sexually transmitted diseases, except for those barrier methods such as the female condom and the male condom.
  • During the first months after performing a sterilization, the ideal is to use a barrier method or abstain from sexual intercourse to avoid the development of a possible infection that could complicate the person’s health, as well as to reduce the chances of pregnancy since many times the body is not yet adapted and there is still risk.


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