Fidelity: How to Be A Faithful Person and Be Faithful To You

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Without a doubt, at some point in our relationships with other people, fidelity will become a very important element. There are people who are naturally faithful and have no problem with this aspect. However, others find great difficulty in being faithful.

What is the fidelity trick? What do you have to do to be a faithful person and that they are with you? Why is it so difficult for some people to be faithful and for others it is completely natural? Perhaps because it is an issue that is directly related to you. Fidelity as such does not exist if you are not faithful to yourself.

Do you want to know more about fidelity and how to be faithful and that others are with you? In that case, keep reading this article. We will help you to solve your doubts.

What is fidelity?

Before we start to find the reasons why we have problems (or not) with this concept, we should have a good understanding of the term.

When we talk about fidelity we do it about the ability we have to offer loyalty. Both to the people around us and to ourselves and our ideals. Did you know that this term comes from the Latin word fidelitiesAnd did you know that this Latin word means “to serve god”? Hence the original meaning of this term was associated with a person’s loyalty to her god or her lord of her. Today the term has spread and is related to the loyalty of the person to many concepts. However, it is mainly associated with fidelity to the couple.

There are many people who find it very easy to be faithful. And it is probably so because they have seen this attitude in their family. In parents or grandparents in whom loyalty has prevailed above all things. Both in front of your family, with your friends, your partner or at work. Other people, however, have been raised in family circles where this loyalty has not existed. And it may be that precisely because they do not know these values; it is much more difficult for them to be faithful.

If we do not see reflected in our surroundings the capacity to fulfill the commitments that we acquire, it is logical that tomorrow it will be difficult for us to fulfill them ourselves. And even to think that another person is going to be able to offer us absolute loyalty.

Many times, when fidelity is associated with marriage and the couple, it seems that the concept is based on making great efforts to be faithful to the ideas and beliefs of the other. However, this is a serious mistake. Because sometimes it leads us to lose fidelity to ourselves. And if we are not faithful to whom we are, we can hardly be happy. Undoubtedly, fidelity must be based on our being able to be loyal to our thoughts, our goals, our values ​​and our beliefs. This will certainly allow us to be faithful to the people around us.

So, what do we have to do to be faithful people and for others to be faithful to us? Let’s learn some tricks below.

How to be a faithful person and be faithful to you

In order to be faithful and for others to be faithful to us, a series of very simple guidelines can be followed. Below we will explain some that may be useful to you.

Loyalty to ourselves and to others

As a general rule, society inculcates us that we have to be faithful to what surrounds us. That is, to the outside world. It is as if it were a duty that must be fulfilled with others. This leads people to neglect inner fidelity. That is, the ability to be loyal to ourselves and our beliefs. By not instilling in us to be faithful to ourselves, they make us lose both our self-esteem and our direction.

Internal fidelity is very important because it is what allows us to fulfill our vital objectives. Regardless of what others think. For example, if you want to be an artist and your environment does not agree because it is an unsafe profession, if you are not true to yourself, you will probably abandon this career. However, if you believe in yourself and your abilities, you will follow this path and end up succeeding. And you will see that the people around you, if they are loyal to you and love you, will support you to the end.

Hence, we cannot be faithful to others if we are not capable of being faithful to ourselves. Fidelity must always begin with us. But, how to obtain the inner fidelity to obtain the fidelity to everything else? Very easy. Through the following tips:

  • Look within yourself for what makes you happy. No one is born knowing exactly what it is like. But little by little we are forming ourselves thanks to our experiences and our interests. To be true to ourselves, there is nothing better than diving inside ourselves and seeing what makes us happy. Both in the family, personal, and professional environment. The more time we spend pursuing these ideals, the easier it will be for us to be true to ourselves and to others. In this way, it will not cost us anything to follow what we believe in and comply with the vital rules on which we are guided. And if we apply this to our feelings and our life projects, we will be faithful to others. And once it is possible to offer fidelity to others, the others also offer it to us.
  • Keep our promises. To be faithful it is necessary to keep our promises. Those that we do to ourselves regardless of what others think. In order to be faithful to our principles and to be able to fulfill our objectives, we must be enormously involved and convinced of following this path. If we put our promises before the needs and desires that may arise, we will be faithful. If we apply this both to ourselves and to others, we will already have the path made.
  • Know how to say no. Achieving fidelity to ourselves is complicated because it forces us to learn to say not too many external things. And this can be very difficult at times. When we have marked out a path in life, when we are clear about what is the basis of our person, we must know how to say no. Both to other people’s feelings, as well as to people and external actions that at a given moment may be interesting to us and divert us from our objectives. This does not mean that other people do not help us to guide our goals and change our path in life. But we don’t have to change our way of being to make anyone happy. This will only lead us down paths where we will not become happy people.
  • Once we are true to ourselves, we can be true to others. And the others, therefore, will also be faithful to us. When we are able to be loyal to ourselves, it will not cost us anything to be loyal to others. And the more loyalty we offer to the world around us (which is the path we will have chosen for our lives) the easier it will be for the world to return this loyalty to us. By being able to keep our promises, others will too. Do not forget that those people who surround you and are faithful to you, have placed their trust in you. And by managing to fulfill the bonds that unite us through fidelity, the normal thing is that we manage to follow this goal forever.

So you already know. Don’t look outside for a way to be faithful and happy. First you have to know yourself and know what you want in life. What ideals make you feel happy and which ones are you going to follow. If you are faithful to these ideals you will never have to betray yourself or betray others.

In relation to couples, for example, infidelity often comes because one person does not really want to be with the other. For this reason, by going against her feelings and wishes from her, sooner or later she will end up being unfaithful. Which will not only cause damage to himself, but to the other person who had placed her trust in him?

Always follow your path and let others follow theirs. If at some point they stop matching, it is clear that trying to follow that path is not going to give a positive result. The two parties will end up being unhappy and betraying each other.


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