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We all have a very busy day to day, and couples do not escape from this reality. It is true that we must work to survive, as well as fulfill many other obligations. It is not that the routine is bad but this, with the passage of time, can become monotonous and this would be a danger for any relationship.

Many times, it is for this reason that one of the two reaches the point of being unfaithful. It is not because he has stopped loving the other; It’s not that the third person is more attractive or for any other reason, except that he is getting tired of the routine. They go after an adventure, something that reminds them that they are alive; who are still capable of feeling and experiencing new emotions, is it possible to achieve that with whom you are married?

If you live with someone, what can you do to avoid monotony sneaking in through the window of your home? How to keep the flame of passion alive? It may sound like a common place but it is the reality. Every relationship needs it.

In view of that, you need to get to work. Here we will be explaining what you can do. Pay attention to small, but spicy. Games that you can do today with your partner so that you can add flavor to your sexual life and start enjoying it again.

Adult games

The only rule to make these games is that both agree with what they intend to do. If one of the two does not like the idea, it is better that you think about what else to do, because the flat games will not work.

We will be listing four games for you, but they are not the only ones. It is simply a stimulus for you to awaken your imagination and let it fly:


Changing roles

One of the most common erotic games is role-playing. It consists of pretending to be another person. Perhaps with another profession such as secretary, teacher, beast tamer, in the case of women and police, firefighter, stripper or others, in the case of men.

This game has its variants. For example, one person or both can change roles if they wish. Perhaps to recreate a scene from your favorite movie or to make a common fantasy comes true.

They can also go one step further. Why not go out and pretend a casual meeting of two strangers in a restaurant or a bar? Have a drink, talk, flirt, seduce each other and end the night in a hotel room or, why not, in the bathroom of the bar.

In this last aspect you must maintain the new role you assumed. Remember that it is as if you are making love for the first time. Get out of the routine and behave as you usually don’t.

It would be a kind of different appointment that from time to time it would not hurt to repeat it. Perhaps changing the roles. If today you were the teacher, tomorrow you can be the inexperienced student.

This game allows the couple to lose inhibitions and foster an atmosphere of trust and complicity.


Now, let’s suppose that for some reason the distance has separated them but they keep their relationship, how can they do in this case? They can try the so-called sixteen.

It is a practice that is very fashionable. It consists of sending messages with bawdy content, such as photos, videos or just some spicy words.

Of course, this does not mean that you can only play if you are away from your partner. They may just be in their work routines and; to prepare for a passionate encounter, they can exchange these types of messages or emails.

To increase the sexual tension, you can tell him what you would like to do to him or him to do to you. Surely he will not be able to stop thinking about you for the rest of the day and he will be counting down the hours and minutes until they can be together.

Every time his phone rings, he’ll be longing for a message from you. To play sixteen you just have to have confidence in your body. In this game there is no shame or modesty. You must feel good about yourself. That is, to be handsome. That will drive your partner crazy, who likes you just the way you are.

The submission game

Have you heard about the submission game? Perhaps it is familiar to you if you have read certain books that are in fashion or if you have seen some adult movie.

It is about a figure that dominates the sexual act leaving the other fully at his mercy, in what way? The dominant can tie the sub missive’s hands to the head of the bed, thus totally neutralizing him and leaving him exposed to his darkest designs. Of course, taking into account the agreements they reached before they started playing.

You don’t have to use a pair of handcuffs or a rope. You can use your same underwear or the bed sheet. If you prefer, you can blindfold him.

Some people feel more comfortable and free to do anything that way. Also, by preventing her from seeing your partner, you will be forcing her to sharpen other senses. Which will make her enjoy the moment more?

Now is the time to get creative! Why not try using melted chocolate, honey, or something else to stimulate taste or touch? You can use your tongue to clean it.

Apply it in the places that you know are the most sensitive of your partner. Remember that you can only use these things externally; otherwise it could cause some kind of infection or discomfort that would ruin the moment, far from making it more interesting.

This is usually one of the best games you can play with your partner. As they increase the frequency with which they play, they can switch roles and add other elements.


Now, if what you want is to drive your partner crazy and increase sexual desire, then you can’t stop playing this last option.

To play you must use a timer or an alarm and program it to sound every 30 seconds for a maximum of half an hour.

During those 30 seconds, one will dedicate himself to giving pleasure to the other in different ways, after those 30 seconds it will be the turn to exchange roles and give pleasure to the other. You can use any type of sexual item or toy that they have consented to use.

In order to make the game more interesting and challenging, they cannot repeat the ways of providing pleasure. This will make your imagination fly and reach limits that they could not even imagine.

At some point in the game someone will be asking for more after having finished their 30 seconds; but rules are rules and their time will be up. Surely this will only increase the heat and sexual tension.

They will carry out this exchange for half an hour, without reaching penetration. After that time, the rules are over and they are free to do what they want.

The intention is to get used as couples to not only receive, but also to be willing to give pleasure. Enjoy being able to satisfy the other as well as possible. Seeing how the other enjoys is also very exciting.

What do you need

You must remember that, although both must be interested in keeping the flame of passion alive in the couple, one must always take the initiative when proposing and promoting new experiences.

If you don’t want your relationship to become more boring than a silent movie, get to work and let you’re most hidden inclinations come to light. Not only will your partner be surprised, you will be too.

Vary places, positions, attitudes. Try using music, candles, incense. Do not only stimulate the sexual organs. You should also do it with your partner’s eyes, ears, tongue, and nose. That will make each sexual encounter a different adventure.

The games that we have mentioned are only proposals. You can invent your own games with your rules.

Dare to talk about it with your partner. In this way you will keep the lines of communication open and you will have the confidence to express yourself and tell him which the places are where you feel the most pleasure and the correct way to receive it. Remember that it is important that you ask him what he or she likes so that you know how to satisfy his or her needs for her as well.


Become accomplices. Have you tried making love in the car, for example? Come on! Admit that you would like to experience it even if you get fined.

Consider putting into practice the games that we have proposed to prevent falling into sexual monotony. But, if they have already fallen into that state, do not be discouraged. Not everything is lost. Make up your mind to change the situation and save your relationship with a bit of spice and mischief. The results will surprise you.

Doing this not only improves the sexual life of the couple, but also brings them closer together and strengthens the bonds of trust and communication. You will not regret! You will feel fuller and even with better self-esteem.

It is more than proven that an active and healthy sexual life contributes to the well-being of the couple. In addition, there will be no valid excuse; neither of them will look elsewhere for what he already has in his house.

So now you know what you should do. Do not leave for another day what you can really do today. Do not sit idly by watching how day to day deprives them of spending pleasant moments.


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