How Do I Know If My Boyfriend Likes Someone Else?

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It is possible that you have noticed changes in your relationship and have some suspicion that something is happening or that it is not right; it could be that your boyfriend is meeting another girl, although he does not mean that this is; There may also be other reasons, such as not having a good time and not giving you the attention you deserve.

Relationships are always based on communication and the first thing you should do is talk to him to see what he says and his attitude; If the answer is that you have already tried this, but you have not been successful and the situation does not change, it is possible that your partner wants to hide something from you; In this article we will focus on how to know if my boyfriend likes someone else, we will only give some tips that may be useful to you, but do not get obsessed.

Tips to know if my boyfriend likes another

Dialogue doesn’t work

We emphasize that the first thing you should do as soon as your relationship is changing is to start a dialogue, express yourself with confidence and transparency, if this does not work and things do not add up, it may be that you have already met another woman.

Avoid going out with you

A good sign is when your boyfriend starts to slow down his plans with you, or you see each other but need more company, it’s as if he doesn’t enjoy time alone with you, it’s possible that your man is thinking about another woman, how long has he been? You don’t have a date just the two of you where you had a lot of fun? You can propose to your boyfriend some innovative and fun plan where only the two of you are together and see how he will react, if he definitely doesn’t want to, something is wrong and it is very likely that there will be another in their life.

Excuses to see each other

If every time you propose a plan to meet, he has an excuse, there is a problem; you can propose that he be the one to set the date to see each other, see what the reaction is to see if he is still trying to avoid the thing.


You may have noticed that he has changed in your relationship and that he is distant, that you talk to him and he does not listen to you, that he does not return hugs and kisses in the same way, he has stopped calling you and if it is by chat it is always you. That should start the conversation.


If you have noticed that lately when your boyfriend is with you he pays much more attention to his cell phone than he used to, or that he hides it and that he is afraid you will pick it up and therefore changes his pin frequently, that he hides to be able to send a message and take your phone with you all the time, even to go to the bathroom, it may be that something is wrong; he pays attention to details and if you see that he’s sick on the phone and he didn’t used to be like that before, it’s possible that he has another girl in mind.

Lack of intimacy

If you see that the intimacy between the two has dropped considerably both in sex and in kisses and hugs, in other words that you no longer feel his affection, it is very possible that he is losing interest. Be careful, if there is a time when he is like this he does not want to say anything, but if it is frequent or your boy if he looks at you, you must be careful.

It fixes more than normal

If you see that your boy begins to dress up more than usual, both in his clothes, his body and his hairstyle, it may be that he is trying to please someone else and feel attractive.

The lies

You can start lying about little things and you weren’t used to it before; For example, instead of telling you that he was with his friends, he tells you that he was at work, or instead of telling you that he went for a beer, he tells you that he was at the gym. The bad thing is that between lies and lies, you will find that in any of these really be with another girl.

Mood swing

If you see that lately he is a little more aggressive and irritable and that it is something constant, if you see that he is the cause of discussions that are absurd, that he is on the defensive and that it is as if he is always looking for reasons to fight, pay attention.

Criticism of you

Both to your behavior and your physical appearance, it can tell you, for example, that you have gained weight, that the dress does not look good on you, that your behavior is childish, among others.


  • Relationships can turn out to be quite complex, so it is very important that if you are in a relationship that still works, that you nurture it, never forget the details and you will see how they strengthen it. When we do not worry about the couple, it is much easier for them to end up looking where they should not.
  • A relationship is for two, so if you see that only you are giving, think about things very well.


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