How Is Leo In Love?

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How Is Leo In Love?

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The zodiacal sign Leo -July 23 and August 23-  is the most dominant in the horoscope; just like lions in the animal world, Leos feel like kings in the human world. In fact, they are people with big hearts but at the same time they can be difficult and arrogant when it comes to starting a relationship. For all these reasons, if your new love is Leo and you want to know how he will behave and how you can seduce your Leo to have a pleasant relationship in both love and sex, today we give you all the clues; We explain what Leo is like in love and what you should know to make your new lover fall madly in love.

Instructions for Leo in love

  1. The main key to making a Leo fall in love is to give him power. You must know how to control the domain; at first he lets her feel that he is in control of the situation but without submitting. Let him take the initiative but always ready to turn the situation around and take control of the relationship. Thus, let him initially have superiority in the relationship but always with respect.
  2. Leo people love to win prizes. In this case, you will be his main prize so you must make him win things; do not make things easy for him and demand the maximum both in bed and in the same relationship. You must play hard to get, especially at first; the Leo must gain control of the relationship and feel that he is in control because he deserves it.
  3. As their own sign indicates, Leos are true In sex they like to devour and feel dominant; they are insatiable people in bed and very passionate. Thus, if you are the lover of a Leo you will enjoy in bed like never before, both in the preliminaries and in pure and hard sex. You must be up to it: let yourself be loved and devoured, but give it passion and ardor so that you both can enjoy it. Resort to erotic games and sexual fantasies, since your Leo lover will always respond well to you.
  4. Sincerity is one of his strongest points. They are people who say things clearly and to the face, but always with delicacy and kindness. In fact, they expect the same from their partner, so you must be clear with your Leo so that everything goes well from the beginning. Tell him the things you like but also the things you don’t like about your new love; being sincere from the first moment, everything will be better for you.
  5. Keep in mind that they are people who dazzle very quickly, since they have a lot of talk. Try to have things clear from the beginning, otherwise they can hurt you. They are kind and sincere but at the same time they are not very faithful people, especially at the beginning. They usually have many partners and of short duration, although when they find their true love they give everything for the relationship.
  6. To make him fall in love even more, you can plan sports dates. Leos are people who love to play sports and be outdoors; a trip to the mountains with an intimate ending and wild sex would be a perfect plan to move forward with a Leo.
  7. Pride and arrogance are his main flaws; you must mark the limits from the beginning. Let him feel like the leader of the relationship at times, but without losing your part. You must know how to handle situations, since initially their pride can shock you, but if you know how to handle it, they are truly noble people.

What do you need for Leo in love?

  •  Patience.
  • Dedication.
  •  Non-judgmental attitude.
  • Energy.
  • Vitality.

Advice for Leo in love

  • His favorite season is summer and his day is Sunday; Take advantage of these dates to plan getaways and excursions. You must take care of surprises and keep the flame alive, since they are people with a lot of energy and vitality.
  • They are very creative people; try to promote and motivate this virtue, since it can surprise you very positively and get the best out of it, thus improving the relationship.


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