How to Arouse a Woman without Penetrating Her

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On many occasions it is said that it is better to leave between seeing and suggesting than to show directly. And it is that in sex this norm is completely fulfilled, since all the preliminaries are part of the sexual practice that make the experience more explosive, passionate and charming. Perhaps the man is more direct and can get excited more easily, but in the case of women you must go more carefully and calmly so that they warm up their engines and enjoy them. In this sense, both men and women enjoy during the steps prior to penetration. In fact, the beginning, when the engines are warmed up by playing, can be one of the best parts of sex.

Especially in women, it is highly recommended to take advantage of the steps prior to penetration to excite. The woman is a real time bomb with sensual sensors all over her body. To excite a woman, it is not enough just to penetrate her, since the female body asks for more. Resorting to sexual practices prior to pure and hard sex, endows the couple with a lot of magic, complicity and fun. Well, a woman can enjoy much more if you excite her well without penetrating her, sex can be more pleasant. For all this, today we explain how to excite a woman without penetrating her. 

Instructions to arouse a woman without penetrating her

  1. First of all, you should know that as a general rule women are more sensitive and detailed than men. For this reason, the first step will be related to the topic of delicacy and romanticism. Keep in mind that you must create a warm, comfortable and magical climate. Decorating a part of the home in a special way -candles, strawberries, dim lighting, etc.-, taking her to a special intimate place or dressing in a different way -you must know for sure that she likes it- can be good weapons for you. The clear fact is that you must make her feel unique and special; she must know that you truly care. With all this, you will get him to relax and bring out the wild soul that he has inside.
  2. Once you have created this special climate, you can start by whispering tender phrases or expressions in his ear. In this case, she will already begin to take action, since a woman’s ears are usually a weak point. You can accompany the words in the ear with complicit glances and caresses ( Find here an article that explains what are the caresses that most excite women ) At this time, you should not run too much; so you can keep your distance and get closer very little by little. Similarly, try not to touch or caress more intimate parts.
  3. As you do all this, you will see that it is she who begins to change her attitude. Surely, she will be closer to you and will start to warm up. You, above all, must remain calm and go little by little. If she sees that you are in control, she will even get more excited and she will take out her weapons to try to excite you too. 
  4. Another very interesting weapon is the fact of undressing her very slowly; try to remove her clothes little by little and in steps. She must feel wanted. Thus, you can alternate taking her clothes off while causing her to take yours off; never undress her completely before you, as she might feel a bit uncomfortable. You will have to perceive the rhythm, but the goal will be for the two of you to end up completely naked.
  5. Keep in mind that you should alternate kisses, caresses and hugs. You can start with small and soft kisses combined with hugs; Little by little, the intensity of the caresses and kisses increases. We recommend that when you have the opportunity, you kiss her from the feet up very little by little, leaving the intimate areas for last. As for caresses, you can follow the same rhythm.
  6. Going up the intensity and rhythm of kisses and caresses will be key. You can even bite the lip – lower or upper – gently or carefully scratch its back. Keep in mind that the neck and ears are very key points, so you can caress and kiss them slowly; all this will drive your girl crazy. You can do the same for her back.
  7. Once the weather is rising rapidly, you can start with intimate caresses and masturbation. Thus, you can caress and kiss her breasts, her vagina and her ass. You must be very clear that you must always follow a slow and smooth process; There is no rush to get wild as the longer you make a woman wait the more turned on she will be.
  8. Combine caresses with the hand and with the tongue. You can also try to masturbate simultaneously or dare with erotic games. Eating cream, chocolates or showering together can be good allies for you. You should see what your wife’s preferences are and bet on it. If necessary, you can let yourself be helped by her; take note and keep in mind her notes for the following occasions. From this moment… Let your imagination run wild and culminate the process with wild sex!

What do you need to excite a woman without penetrating her?

  •  Kisses, caresses, hugs.
  •  Special setting, romantic, comfortable and warm.
  • Sex toys -optional-.
  •  Bonbons, strawberries, cream, truffles -everything you can think of to make the special preliminaries-.
  • Dedication and patience.

Tips to arouse a woman without penetrating her

  • On the other hand, keep in mind that all sexual passion can start before the physical encounter. Thus, use chat, what Sapp and all these applications that allow you to send text messages, videos, voice notes, photos, etc. to your advantage. Testing the matter before arriving is a good option to warm up engines. 
  • Keep in mind that sex toys can be a good resource; thus, you can resort to masturbation with different objects.
  • You must use all your imagination; you can do striptease with music and go undressing slowly and erotically. Try to innovate to fulfill your passions and sexual desires.


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