How to Avoid Being Jealous

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How to Avoid Being Jealous

Jealousy is one of the causes that cause couples to separate, since many times it is about ideas and thoughts that make the person feel the...

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Jealousy is one of the causes that cause couples to separate, since many times it is about ideas and thoughts that make the person feel the need to make scenes of anger and rage in front of their partner’s friends, so learn to avoid them in time.

How? The first thing you should keep in mind is that your partner loves you and is with you for it and with no one else, something that should have you flattered and without bad feelings, apart from taking care of them because many times there are those who want to separate them out of envy or resentment.

When a couple feels jealous, it is best to resort to dialogue and thus be able to glimpse the differences that may exist between the two, so that they do not have serious problems that can confuse feelings and instead of love what they feel is possession and domination over one of the two.

Therefore, if you are one of those who feel jealous, or want to have possession of your partner even though he is a human being and not an object, keep reading and you will come to understand that not everything in this life is about obtaining a person like you if it were a good, but you have to feel true love.

What do you need to avoid being jealous?

  • Calm down.
  •  Find help.
  •  improve your self-esteem
  • Let your partner know about your problem.
  • Communicate what you feel.
  • Don’t think about the bad.
  • Try to find a solution.
  • Learn to manage your anger.

Instructions to avoid being jealous

Despite what is thought, jealousy is what comes to disappoint a person immersed in a relationship so much, that he ends up being the object of the need to end his partner, since he suffocates feels oppressed and also desperate for the other person’s obsession.

In relationships, jealousy is a reflection of a person’s insecurity towards their partner and therefore a reason to end everything, for the simple fact of making strong scenes in which so many different ways of insulting a human being are mixed. He hasn’t done anything wrong.

How to avoid jealousy step by step

  1. Stop harassing your partner. Do not be aware of what your partner is doing all the time, perhaps he needs a space so that he can do things in his life, and at some point you can become a nuisance, so let him breathe and work calmly and without problems. You don’t need to make excuses to find out where she is, she may be busy at the very moment you are bothering her and she can’t answer you, so don’t try to call her all the time as it shows a sign that you are possessive and extremely jealous.
  2. Don’t text him so often. Many times you send him text messages, What Sapp, Messenger chat because he does not answer your calls, but perhaps he is trying to have an intimate moment alone and you are interrupting his atmosphere of calm and serenity that he needs to think. This is a sign that can cause him to get tired of you to a great extent, even penetrating the environment or atmosphere of freedom he wants to feel better, so it is important that you leave him free time so that his ideas can be better achieved. The solution to a work problem.
  3. Don’t ask where it is. One of the questions that can be quite irritating is where you are, which at some stage of the relationship can cause discomfort if your partner is busy with some other activity, and especially if it is every moment that you receive it coming from any device. Even arriving at the workplace by surprise is usually irritating and annoying, since it is often an obligation to have to attend to extremely serious matters in which you need total concentration and you are on top of your partner at all times.
  4. Do not control their way of dressing. The wardrobe is something that often makes a person their character and way of being, so at some point they can dress in a sensual way for you and you don’t like it because you see it as an object or possession, which belongs to you and not your partner.
  5. Don’t check his mobile or Facebook. Possessions are private, so do not try to search their Facebook or mobile, things that are often part of your partner’s intimacy; It is not necessary that you bother about what she places in her profiles, many times it is part of her way of being with her friends. One way to control her is through what she posts on her social networks, reviewing everything she posts or even commenting on something sarcastically, so that she feels bad or has a serious problem with what she posted and that you don’t. you liked it at all
  6. Don’t limit your outings. At some point you and your partner want a break from always being together; For this reason, an outing with friends can lighten the atmosphere between the two of them a bit, letting them think about whether they miss each other and if they like being together, to further strengthen their relationship. When things don’t work well, it’s when you’re jealous and you want to keep her in a fortress so that she never comes out of it, preventing her from seeking a release from the stress and discomfort of a suffocating relationship she has with you and the problems it presents at work.
  7. Respect his friends. Before meeting you, he already had friends of both sexes, so he will always have an attachment to those people he has met before you, so respect them and try to get along with them so that you do not produce a conflict or fights among all. The best thing is to adapt and stop being possessive with your partner, thus avoiding any reason so that a relationship that is too stressful for both one and the other does not arise, and thus avoid arguments between the two that could cause the relationship to end.
  8. Do not control your movements. Many times when you are together you look for her gaze and she is looking elsewhere with a lost look, you decide to ask her about her thoughts or about the object she is looking at, harassing her or peppering her with questions that are not relevant, many times annoying. When you feel something that bothers you, it is best to discuss it with your partner, without bothering you with ideas that are unfounded, since many times due to fatigue, they may feel bad, but to please you they have decided to go out with you.
  9. Don’t do what you don’t want done to you. Many times people who are jealous, it is because they themselves do the things for which they have conflicts with their partners, they have secrets or even mentally they are unfaithful by nature, causing them to think that the being next to them also does what they do. Same. The best thing is to find a solution that helps you get rid of those bad ideas that get into your head, against your partner, since trust between the two is the best weapon to maintain the idyll as the first day of falling in love. And where did that spark of love come from?
  10. Clear your thoughts. It is essential to take your relationship calmly and on the right track, since your partner is not an object of your possession, on the contrary, he is a person who has agreed to be with you, leaving other people aside and that is reason enough. So as not to shut her up. Change your way of thinking because the one who has those crazy ideas and the problem of being jealous and possessive is you and not the person next to you, so leave all that behind and try to be honest about what is happening to you so that together they seek a viable solution.
  11. Make the change. At least you have glimpsed the fact that you are jealous and possessive and you are trying to seek help, which is the most important thing so that you do not lose or let go of the love of your life, which is what this is all about, since jealousy they are a disease that ends a beautiful relationship. Seek help from the beginning so that this does not happen, since many times despite committing the same crazy things over and over again, our partner ends up forgiving us, but over time they can get tired and want to end everything, thanks to the problems what do you cause
  12. Acknowledge your mistakes. Recognize that your mistakes have made love end and learn from them so that you do not make them again, since many of them have made your partner fill the glass of patience and no longer have to forgive you one more time because they have overflowed You must be happy from now on, responding to jealousy in an indifferent way, and not paying attention to any bad thoughts that suddenly arise in your partner, since she is the love of your life and you do not want to lose her for something she does not deserve. what do you do to him

Tips to avoid being jealous

  • Talk more with your partner.
  • Do not look for problems where there are none.
  • Never claim him in public.
  • Do not make scenes in front of friends.
  • Try to tell him things alone.
  • If you don’t feel safe, say so from the beginning.
  • Don’t get carried away by impulsiveness.
  • Talk at all times about how you feel in any situation.


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