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Do you have difficulty expressing yourself in public? Want to be able to talk without stuttering or stuttering in progress?

Having good eloquence is usually important, especially for people who in the process of their work have to interact with other people and even have to speak in front of a large audience.

The ability to be eloquent can be learned, it is not something innate, so here we are going to give you some tips so that you can express yourself in public fluently and that you can also attract the attention of your audience and achieve your goals.

If you want to learn how to be eloquent, keep reading this article where we are going to show you some tips to develop eloquence and improve this skill as much as you want.

What is it to be eloquent

Being eloquent is the ability of a person to express themselves in public in a fluid way, without obstacles, with elegance and in a way that can persuade and attract their audience. Thanks to eloquence, the person can express her ideas and emotions convincingly and can persuade the listener thanks to her appropriate and striking form of expression.

The person with good eloquence can present his ideas in a way that they seem interesting and that they can be understood by all people, regardless of the knowledge and studies that their audience has.

How to be eloquent

Vocabulary is important. Remember that just because you have a large vocabulary does not mean you have a strong vocabulary. If you want to be eloquent, forget about the complicated vocabulary and stick to giving a simple and easy to understand explanation. If you express yourself clearly and with a common but not vulgar vocabulary, you will be able to better attract the attention of your audience. Using additional and unusual words in your vocabulary will not make you sound smarter.

On the other hand, it is important that you use the words that you know well. Wanting to use new words does not imply that you will use them correctly. Sometimes the mistake of using vocabulary in a bad way is made and in the end your talk is not very eloquent, and you can even confuse your audience or even make them get fed up with you because they have a hard time understanding what you are saying.

References are very helpful. When you are explaining an idea, a thought or something else, you can make some reference to classical literature, art, culture, or for example historical events that can help you better clarify what you are explaining. These references are very useful, and it will also seem that you are even more intelligent, but you must know how to use them and put them in your speech at the appropriate time.

Of course in your speech you must forget about fillers. Do not fill in the spaces between words or the moments of rest or in which you try, for example, to remember an idea with fillers. These words and sounds have the ability to make your speech sound much less professional. Avoid the temptation to fill in every empty space, or that these fillers come out throughout your speech without even realizing it. That is why it is always recommended that you know exactly what you are going to say next so that you do not use these fillers in the course of expressing the next idea.

You must pronounce each word correctly. You may have the best speech in the world prepared, but if you are not able to pronounce the words correctly when expressing it verbally, you will only confuse your audience. Take your time. You don’t have to give the speech at full speed. Instead, look for a speed that allows you to express each word in a good way but also maintains the interest of your audience. (A speech that is too slow can get boring). If by chance you had any problem speaking and pronouncing correctly, you can always turn to professional help to help you with your problem.

A frequent problem in people who speak in public is that they tend to leave an awkward pause throughout their speech, and this is due to the fact that they do not introduce certain transitions. These pauses only make it seem like you hadn’t prepared your talk or speech, which makes you unprofessional and also gives your audience the feeling that you didn’t care about the talk. To prevent these pauses from happening to you, familiarize yourself with the use of transitions and adjectives, they do not need to be elaborate, with the most popular words it is enough, think that if that word does not come to you, you could easily exchange it for another if you know how to its meaning and its uses are certain, and it is also part of your daily vocabulary.

The most frequent transitions that can help you make a more eloquent speech are: additionally, it is more, in particular, however, despite, and in addition.

On the other hand, we find the following most popular and eloquent adjectives that you can include in your speech: absurd, disgusted, tasteful, pleasant, charming, brief, splendid, relevant, etc.

Sometimes, like in interviews or debates, it is important that you think very carefully about what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. If your answer is too formulated and prepared, it may be false or even missing a key word or idea.

On the other hand, you must overcome the social anxiety that public speaking can cause you. It will be difficult for you to seem eloquent if your voice shakes when you speak, if you stutter when you start speaking, or if you speak too softly. You can practice a lot at home, although it is possible that sometimes, to overcome this anxiety, you may need to go to a speech therapist, a counselor or a therapist.

You must also be relaxed, and if not appear to be relaxed. If you appear tense, stressed or nervous this will slow you down and you will not seem as eloquent. You should always seem natural and not forced, forget what people think or might think of you, as well as the way you say things. Let your words flow throughout the speech. Do what you see fit to feel relaxed (some people find that picturing their audience in their underwear helps a lot).

You must appear confident. If you express yourself with confidence at the same time you will appear more eloquent and more charismatic. You will also convey a sense of attraction and curiosity to your audience. Even if you don’t feel confident at all, you should always try to appear confident; this will also make you look much more professional. Even if you start thinking that you don’t have confidence but try to transmit it, you will always end up giving the speech with full confidence in yourself, and in what you say.

As we have already mentioned, the speed of speech is also important, not only when it comes to pronouncing words better, but it is also important because if you speak too fast you will only be transmitting stress and this is not very professional. If you speak fast you can seem anxious and unprepared. Slow down your speech, but don’t slow it down either so you don’t end up boring your audience.

You must maintain eye contact with your audience; this will allow you to know how they think what you say and also shows that you are speaking for them, and not for the air.


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