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Being sociable is one of the dreams of many people, since sociable people tend to achieve more things in life than people who do not have this quality.

We define as someone sociable, as someone who has a certain facility to be able to relate to other people, that is, a person who is capable of being interesting to others and who in turn is interested in relating to others.

It is very easy to distinguish a sociable person from a person who is not. For example, a sociable person tends to have many more friends than a person who is not. In addition, we usually find a sociable person always full of people, always socializing and always with a smile on others.

But that is not the key difference between people who are social and people who are not. Really the key difference that we have is that people who are sociable are able to feel comfortable with others, since people who are not always find themselves as bad faces and trying to force conversation with others.

There are people who affirm that sociable people are successful because of their naturalness, others affirm that sociable people are successful because of their good ability to make others feel good; others say that it is because of their empathy and others simply say that there are people who are naturally sociable and others who are not.

I really think that any skill in the world can be acquired, that is, it does not matter if you are a lonely person right now and without friends, because if you practice and try to follow certain advice, sooner or later you will end up being sociable, since it really is the practice that makes you feel comfortable talking to other people.

Today I am going to teach you all the steps you have to take to be a sociable person, so that in this way, you can be one of those people who enjoy being with others and at the same time makes them feel good.

Instructions to be social

  1. Be nice:
    The first thing you have to do to socialize with others is to start being nice, that is, to try to be nice in a genuine way. With the people around you. A nice person is someone who tries to treat others in the best possible way, trying to make them feel comfortable. Try to be with others always with a smile, because in this way, you will exponentially increase the chances that this person feels comfortable with you. If it doesn’t come naturally to you to be kind, at least try to pretend that you are until you are, since in the end you will end up liking being with others when you see that in the end this kindness that you are showing begins to feedback, that is, that others also begin to be nice to you.
  2. Being empathetic:
    Empathy is a very interesting skill to study, which consists of being able to put yourself in the shoes of others. An empathic person tries to understand others, tries to listen to them and not only that, but also shows that they are empathic. Try to be one of those people who seem to be giving you their full attention, like some kind of psychologist who will try to make you feel good in almost any situation. In addition to that, try to make this noticeable, that is, if a person listens to you, let him speak and from time to time let him know that you listen to him with phrases like “I understand you, I know or I understand you”.
  3. Be fun:
    A people person is not only there to listen to others, but is also a person who tries to bring fun to the group. Obviously, this is not about being some kind of carnival monkey who seems more like a court jester than a friend, but it is about being someone fun, spontaneous and capable of making all the members of the group smile. If you’re a boring person, try to watch people in your group who are fun and try to copy a little what they are doing. In this way, you will be able to keep everything good that they do and thus be able to be fun too. If you are a fun person, try to avoid shyness, that is, try to show that you are fun not only in your privacy, but also in large groups. The best thing to cure shyness is to try to increase your self-confidence, something that you will achieve with affirmations that you are a useful person and trying not to have any type of complex when doing all this.


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