How to Be Supportive

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How to Be Supportive

Has it happened to you that you see a bad situation or have you experienced a difficult situation and you don't want others to...
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Has it happened to you that you see a bad situation or have you experienced a difficult situation and you don’t want others to suffer the same thing that you already know? Do you feel empathy for other people or do you want to do something positive and good with your life? So maybe you are looking to know how to be supportive.

Before starting to read the advice and instructions on the subject, let’s think a little about what we have to learn about solidarity.

Solidarity is described in two ways: as an unconditional interest in protecting or supporting causes beyond our control, or legally, as the obligation we have to fulfill a responsibility towards someone. In both cases the concept is very similar, since our interest and support is being given to others.

That is why being supportive in life is very important, because not only do we do something good and selfless to care for or support someone or something beyond us, it is not only a sign of honesty, consideration and empathy, but it is a way to make us grow as human beings and as a society.

Now that you know what solidarity is, you are ready to start this “journey” that will help you know and understand how to be supportive.

What do you need to be supportive?

  • Determination
  • Investigate associations and charities
  • commit to change

Instructions to be supportive

  1. Solidarism with your family. Many times what divides the family is nothing more than a lack of empathy, solidarity and values. That is why it does not make much sense to want to be in solidarity with others if we are irresponsible people abandoning our own. Your family is the first to receive this contribution of solidarity that you are giving. Learn to be a better person, help with housework, expenses, live with your relatives, take care of your pets, help your siblings with their homework, these types of simple actions will help you develop family solidarity.
  2. Stand in solidarity with your colleagues and friends. After the family, the most important people in our social circle, especially emphasizing friends and people we appreciate and love, are the ones who should receive part of this support and love. Help your colleagues or friends with their work when they require it. If you do not work then help them by giving moral support or helping them with some task where you know that you can be useful and necessary.
  3. Don’t forget those in need. Apart from the people in your social group, there are thousands of people who are marginalized and that people do not think about them at all, this is unfair, do not allow this type of situation by ignoring this reality on your part. When you see someone hungry on the street, buy them something, a soup, a piece of fruit, give them something to help them overcome their situation. Notify others of that person’s situation so they can help. There are agencies that protect and help the destitute and poor.
  4. Animals suffer too. Don’t forget the animals. Human beings often put animals in third place. This is a mistake, animals also suffer, and so we must take care of them, protect them and avoid abuse. Don’t hurt your animals and don’t let others do it. Report acts of animal cruelty, donate to animal protection institutions. If you don’t have pets or want more, adopt a stray animal, especially if it is a large one, as many adopt puppies or small animals, but leave the large ones alone and abandoned.
  5. Take care of the environment. Take care of your water use, try to save it as much as you can as long as it is not an inconvenience, pay taxes, do not use gas unnecessarily or heaters, turn off the lights when you finish using them, do not waste electricity, recycle, reuse and reduce consumption of products that may be polluting or generate waste. You should also keep your house clean and well cared for. This will not only help you save large amounts of money, but also take care of the environment and your health.
  6. Fight for noble causes. Focus your desire to show solidarity with social work, good, honorable and noble causes that are worthwhile. We can all contribute our grain of sand to make a big change. Also promote and raise awareness about this cause with your friends, colleagues or contacts in social networks, protests or demonstrations, so you can grow these causes and unite more people in these communities. This is especially good if you are part of an honest campaign.
  7. Donate to real and honest organizations. Although we have already mentioned it before, we want to clarify the importance of donating to other causes that need our support, so keep in mind that one of the best ways to support and show solidarity with a cause is by donating. From food, money, to clothes, objects or other products that you do not need or that you simply feel like giving away.

Tips to be supportive

  • Don’t forget yourself. Solidarity with others is very good, it is really great, but in practice you may put yourself in second place and that is not good, you are as important as the others, so do not neglect to take care of others, or neglect others for taking care of you.


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