How to Caress a Woman’s Breasts

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For a woman, her breasts are a key weapon; it is a very sensual, explosive, erotic, mysterious, sweet part of the body. And it is that the breasts of a woman are a part of the body in which innumerable sensations and even emotions are concentrated. Although they are two perfect weapons to seduce and excite a man, for you they are perfect allies to also make your girl enjoy before, during and after sexual practice.. Thus, caressing and stimulating your partner’s breasts well can earn you many points, since it is a part of her body that can make her reach extreme levels of excitement. Therefore, keep in mind that a woman’s breasts are a double-edged sword, since on the one hand they tend to accelerate the man at a thousand per hour but on the other hand they can accelerate the woman herself to two thousand per hour.

we want you to take advantage of this natural and powerful weapon so that both of you can enjoy moments of intimacy even more. For all this, we explain how to caress a woman’s breasts.

Instructions for caressing a woman’s breasts

  1. As we have already mentioned, the breasts are for a woman a source of sensations and emotions. She bears in mind that the breasts are made up of numerous nervous cells that have their highest point in the nipples. Thus, caressing a woman’s breasts should never be an isolated practice, that is, it should create a sensual and erotic climate so that they accompany this sexual practice with another.
  2. Therefore, you should start with kisses, hugs and caresses as usual. The stage is also very important, you don’t have to be in bed, but an intimate and delicate moment is necessary. Keep in mind that the female breast is a machine that heats up little by little; therefore, you should not run or start with aggressive and hard caresses from the beginning.
  3. To start caressing the breasts, we recommend that you start the caresses at the neck or waist. You must gently caress while you kiss tenderly. Keep in mind that caresses, kisses and words must go hand in hand, they must always complement each other. Gradually approach the breasts as you increase the rhythm and intensity of the kisses. At the same time, you must remove their clothes-and yours- little by little. With the entire atmosphere will be more and more heated. We recommend that you leave the bra until the end, so it seems that intimacy is better maintained.
  4. When it’s time to caress the breasts properly. You can start on the outside, making gentle strokes with the palm of your hand. Thus, you see stroking closer and closer to the nipple, slowly passing through the areola. You must gently grab her breast with your whole hand, but only using force with the palm of your hands, as you place your fingers on the top and bottom of the nipple itself.
  5. As you gently touch, you will see how the nipple is activated; it is very important that you continue with the kisses and with the touching also alternated with the intimate parts. Well, with all this going on you can resort to harder and wilder To make the caress greater, also play with your fingers -thumb and index especially.
  6. With both of you already excited, you can resort to caressing with your mouth, tongue and you can even try biting, always paying special attention not to damage your wife’s breasts. Let your imagination fly and try erotic games in which you stimulate the breasts. For example, you can play with chocolate, cream or syrup of any flavor that you like. In addition, you can also resort to the lubricator.
  7. Mixing touches of the intimate parts of both alternates can give very good results. Keep in mind that a woman loves that they can see that you also get turned on by the practice, so she tries to show your arousal in a clear way, and you can even express it with words. In addition, being both completely naked will also help make the environment even more special and erotic.

What do you need to caress a woman’s breasts?

  •  Kisses.
  • Petting.
  • Soft and wild touches, progress.
  • Romanticism.
  •  Passion.
  •  Sex toys -optional-.
  • Other elements: cream, chocolate, syrup, strawberries -everything you can think of to play with in the preliminaries-.

Tips for caressing a woman’s breasts

  • During menstruation, women tend to have more sensitive and awake breasts. For this reason, you can resort to their stimulation and caresses during these days, since the pleasure and enjoyment will be even greater.
  • If you get your woman to get madly excited when you caress her breasts, you’ll have a lot of cattle for her to enjoy a good orgasm during sexual practice. Thus, you should also listen, especially the first times, what your wife’s preferences are. Each woman is different, so you should know what excites her and what yours likes to give her the greatest pleasure in sex.


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