How to Cure Premature Ejaculation

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In the world of the couple, one of the most important aspects is the one that has to do with their most intimate relationships. We can ensure that, if these relationships are adequate, the life of the couple will be much healthier and more balanced. We are going to deal with the topic of how to cure premature ejaculation, since it is, without a doubt, one of the most frequent causes of dissatisfaction within a couple.

The scientific definition of premature ejaculation tells us that it is the premature expulsion of semen shortly after having started intercourse. Starting from this definition, we can already get an idea of ​​the great problem that it can present not only for the man but also for his partner when it comes to having sexual relations.

Therefore, this circumstance causes uncontrolled and premature ejaculation. This occurs with minimal sexual stimulation and therefore makes it impossible for satisfaction to occur both for oneself and for the couple. According to studies, it is stated that there may be two types of premature ejaculation: one, called primary, which has been present throughout a man’s sexual life, and another, secondary, which is caused by some type of problem such as erectile dysfunction and therefore can be cured if these erection problems are treated.

Among men, the topic of premature ejaculation is something that causes a lot of concern and at the same time is considered a taboo subject. But we must admit that it is a much more widespread problem than it may seem at first. Studies say that 30 percent of men can suffer from it.

Instructions to cure premature ejaculation

We are going to see in these section different techniques to cure premature ejaculation. But first let’s see some situations in which this characteristic can occur that overwhelms man so much:

  1. Premature ejaculation with sexual fantasies.
  2. In some cases, ejaculation occurs when undressing before intercourse.
  3. It can also appear during the erotic games of the couple, without reaching the caress.
  4. In other cases, it can occur when there is manual stimulation of the partner.
  5. It can appear at the beginning of oral sex (you may be interested in this article on how to perform oral sex on a man )
  6. Premature ejaculation can also occur during penetration.

We can observe how the causes that cause premature ejaculation do not only appear when the sexual act is taking place, but can also appear in many other situations, even prior to the sexual act.

Now let’s see some techniques to control premature ejaculation.

  1. First we must know that there are different exercises that can help us, such as muscle exercises, breathing exercises, stimulation with our partner or even masturbation.
  2. There is a technique that is based on performing the so-called Keel exercises. These exercise routines help us strengthen the pelvic muscles that are located between the genitals and the anus. These muscles are responsible for controlling ejaculation. In short, these exercises are based on the contraction and relaxation of these muscles in intervals of 5 seconds and successively. Experts recommend doing them at least thirty times a day, but not exceeding 100.
  3. Another very useful technique is the control of our breathing while we perform the sexual act with our partner. It is important to be relaxed, something very important to control ejaculation. To achieve this relaxation we must deeply inhale the air through the nose and exhale it through the mouth, but rhythmically. It is advised that one way to control this rhythm of breathing can be through moaning. This technique tries to delay ejaculation and in this way that we focus on the sensations of pleasure that intercourse is generating.
  4. Another way to control premature ejaculation is to practice what is known as start-stop. This technique can be performed both as a couple and alone through masturbation (here we leave you an article on postures to masturbate as a couple). In short, it is a masturbation technique that we can do ourselves or with the help of our partner. It consists of stopping when we feel that we are going to ejaculate and letting that moment of maximum excitement pass to return to the massage of the penis. It is recommended to do it twice a week.
  5. The following technique is known as the squeeze method. It consists of squeezing with the fingers below the tip of the penis at the moment just before ejaculation. We can do this technique ourselves or our partner, but it is always advisable to have put it into practice before on your own in order to master it and then experiment with your partner.
  6. The following situation is based on the sensitivity of the penis. There are many men who have great sensitivity in their member and this causes any contact to stimulate ejaculation in an accelerated manner. Therefore, in these cases, we should find a way to remove some sensitivity from the penis. We can find from condoms to creams that reduce this sensitivity and in this way we can continue for longer without ejaculating.
  7. And since there are the most varied techniques, we present the following one that is based on experimentation with tantric sex. It is said that tantric techniques look for the practice of sex to go much further than simple physical pleasure. In this way, we seek to establish an intimate connection with our partner, which includes control over ejaculation. As explained by those who understand these techniques, we must be very aware of the moment in which the ejaculation arrives for a few seconds before extracting the penis and contracting the PC muscles (the Keel exercises that we mentioned earlier). At this time, we must lower our chin to our chest so that we prevent our energy from rising too high. Once this is done, we move on to control our breathing. We must feel the heat of the sexual energy that rises from our private parts to the upper part of our body. We must repeat these actions as many times as we need to ejaculate.

In short, as you can see, there are many and varied techniques to control premature ejaculation. We cannot say that some are better than others, or that we limit ourselves to the practice of some over others. The best option is to put most of them into practice so that, little by little, we take control of the moment of ejaculation.

But, we also advise you that, even if you put these techniques into practice, a wise and important decision is also to visit a specialist on the subject. Although we are very hesitant about this action, we must know that our problem is not just ours or that of a few people, but that it is much more widespread than we can imagine. And one of the causes that cause it is stress, our fast pace of life, the type of food we eat during the week and a long etcetera that, obviously, influence when it comes to our sexual relations.

What do you need to cure premature ejaculation?

Let us now see how to detect and control the symptoms of premature ejaculation.

  • One way to detect that we suffer from premature ejaculation is if we are unable to control the expulsion of seminal fluid within a minute of penetration.
  • We must observe if this circumstance occurs in all the sexual relations that we have or only sporadically.
  • Another way to realize this is to verify that, although we can delay ejaculation for more than a minute, our personal satisfaction is not adequate. In this case we would not be facing premature ejaculation but rather what is called premature ejaculatory dysfunction.
  • In some cases, it will be associated with erectile dysfunction. In this way, the inability to maintain the rigidity of the penis and therefore the realization of the sexual act with penetration will occur.

All these previous situations can lead us to a series of symptoms that appear accompanied by premature ejaculation when having sexual relations:

  • It will generate great anxiety in us and this will incapacitate us from full sexual satisfaction.
  • This anxiety will not only be suffered by the man, but he will transmit it to his partner, thus reaching a situation of emotional stress on both parties.
  • With this situation, it is possible to reach the moment where the sexual act is avoided by one or both members of the couple (you may be interested in this article on tricks to rediscover desire in the couple).
  • All these situations can be accompanied by a feeling of guilt, frustration and shame that will prevent us from fully enjoying our sexual relations.

Tips to cure premature ejaculation

Finally, we are going to follow a series of tips so that, when premature ejaculation occurs and we detect it, the situation does not become so complicated that we do not want sexual contact with our partner. Situation that will cause deterioration in the relationship.

  • The first thing we should do is talk about the problem. It is that clear, since communication is one of the key factors in the relationship life of a couple. It is just as important to speak as to know how to listen. Therefore, let us not feel embarrassed or stressed about this situation, but on the contrary, we are going to be attentive and open to look for possible solutions, which, as we have already seen, exist.
  • Related to the previous point, it is important not to blame the other member of the couple. We must be understanding and open to dialogue. It is not enough to say that man is the only one to blame for this situation. Because doing this will lead our partner to a greater state of overwhelm, stress and anxiety.
  • The problem of premature ejaculation must have the right importance, neither more nor less. In other words, as in all aspects of our lives, everything that happens to us is going to have the importance that we want to give it. On the subject of premature ejaculation the method is the same. We must pay attention to it, since this situation can deteriorate our relationship as a couple. But do not exaggerate or feel frustrated. Therefore, in addition to experimenting with the techniques described above, something that we should not overlook is a visit to a specialist.
  • When it comes to having sex with our partner, taking the necessary time is paramount. We must give the importance that preliminary games have to the realization of intercourse, mutual caresses, and signs of affection. It has been shown that couples who penetrate immediately tend to be more likely to suffer from this problem.
  • And as a last piece of advice, although not least, we repeat something that we have already exposed before. We must seek professional help. This is very important if we want the results to be completely satisfactory.
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