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Finding God means that you feel him within you and he is already part of you, having him gives you strength to face any type of circumstance that may be encountered throughout life, but your faith in him will help you overcome them, so therefore, your life is easier, you are able to find a confidant and a person to ask for support, and this is done through prayers or by going to church, where many faithful find refuge on their worst days. Feeling that God is part of your life, keeps you away from negative aspects such as anger, vanity or pride, because these only inhabit beings that are outside the spiritual path. Being goodness and grace, the principles that every believer must follow. He who finds God has fullness in his soul and his heart from him.

Reading books related to the acts or that tell the adventures and the teachings that God left, are a good way to enter the religious world and learn more about what their world was like, and investigate it, learning from their knowledge. And taking into account the lessons he gave to many, even those who did not want him, but who ended up recognizing his greatness from him.

One of the essential aspects is to choose the right books, which contain experiences or autobiographies of people, which through their experience tell how they did to find God and the experiences they went through to get to him. The leaders of spirituality, known saints, sacred books such as the Bible, can be of great help. It is important, that due to the language used in this type of sacred books, full of metaphors, parables among other multiple linguistic figures, a considerable time is dedicated to be able to decipher and understand well the message that each one of them keeps.

Another way to feel God and his essence in our interior is to discover that many of the things that you previously saw as normal or did not give them importance, now you give them value, I know being healthy, being able to enjoy a family, of a house, even seeing the birth of a tree, contemplating a sunrise, common life situations that you had not stopped to analyze before, but for which you should be grateful, since he who values ​​small things, greater ones will always come to him which you can enjoy.

It is necessary that when you feel that connection with God, you always look for a place where you are alone or alone, away from the hustle and bustle of people, where you are able to stay away from noises that distract your mind, and just concentrate on closing your eyes. And communicate with him, perhaps you want to tell him about experiences you are living, you want to ask him for some kind of signal to know what kind of decision you make in the face of a certain problem. It is not necessary that you pray as such, nor that you say the Our Father, to speak to him, it is enough that you use your words, be sincere, and entrust yourself to him. Faith is the way, and good deeds are the facts that show that God has begun to be part of your being.

One way to show that God has been found is to follow these three maxims:

  1. love oneself: One of the maxims that must be followed to find God is to love oneself, as one is, and this is not related in any case to self-centeredness, nor to superiority, loving oneself as one is, does not mean, feel superior to the rest, but be aware that you have to look first for your own well-being, because if you are in harmony with what you are and what you feel, that is where you are prepared to help others. Loving oneself is having faith in our own qualities, and developing them, knowing what our vocation is, those things with which we feel identified, and carrying it out. Being able to discover what we are related to and fight to have it, no matter how hard it may be, or letting ourselves be carried away by the sphinxes that appear to try to prevent us. When someone knows what their defects and virtues are and does not try to cover them up, but accepts them, and does not feel guilty about them, that is when they respect themselves, because they know that the beauty of the human being lies in the imperfection, and that every mistake must become a lesson. Assume who we are, recognizing that it scares us, but be brave and try to face it, trusting in our abilities to overcome it, drawing strength to go forward. All of them are true signs that manifest when we love ourselves.
  2. Loving your neighbor: Loving your neighbor, or rather someone other than yourself implies empathizing with him, and with his circumstances, because many times an action that another person performs we do not understand and we judge it without knowing the reason. For which, he has done so, or without knowing what the person is like. Therefore, it is important to practice empathy and help towards those people around us, who may well be family, friends, or perhaps someone who simply demands our attention. When this type of act is carried out, it is doing good, and it is acting in accordance with the teachings of the Bible and of God, who said that we had to love for others the same as for ourselves, even in the case of the enemies, because God did not support the idea of ​​hating those who hate you, but of wishing him well and praying for him, so he could change his way of acting, and find faith in the spiritual and religious world. Therefore, love your neighbor as if you were yourself, he knows no distinctions of race, sex or culture, we are all equal.
  3. Loving God above all things: That is, to find God you have to love him, and that means professing an unconditional love for him, which is above all aspects, whether human or material, and that implies, having faith in his qualities. positive, believe that he is a divine being of light, who works with kindness, and does not fail to comply with any of his sins, as they can be; stealing, being addicted to alcohol or sex, believing in the devil, practicing black magic, because all of this is not related to what religion professes and is inspired by. It also implies believing in his mercy, that his actions are always correct, and that his works are justified, because at the moment that a faithful harbors a minimum of mistrust, he does no longer believe in God. Another of the beliefs of the faithful is to accept that God is the creator of the universe, and owner and lord of everything that exists in it, and therefore creator of both the human and animal races.


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