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Breaking up with our partner is not easy; a stage comes where we must face the duel and many times it becomes very difficult for us to forget that person with whom we were; but we tell you that with a good attitude and of course following some tips you can do it; Read on how to get over your ex.

When a relationship ends, we feel like a sharp pain and an emptiness in the depths of the heart, it is as if our soul really hurt, much more if we were the abandoned person, that is, the other person left us, and of course, there will be much more painful reasons than others; there comes a stage of overcoming the duel that often takes longer than it should, because at first the sadness should be let out, and that is the moment when we know that something is happening and we must act so that it does not affect us anymore. It is better to remember, but without any sadness; we are going to give you some advice, but don’t end the day at home crying over the photo, because then it won’t help much.

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The advice is really not very different from the same ones that our relatives, friends and even acquaintances give us, some because they know it, others because they have lived it and remember that it is good to learn from experiences; what you do have to get into your head is that people don’t die of love, that’s more of movies.

Just ended the relationship

We are not going to tell you to stop thinking about the person from the first day, because the grieving stage is necessary, you must cry, take out all that we have inside, even remember aromas, photos, programs, foods, among others, but if you see that you have stayed in this for a long time, it is time to act and get out of that state in which you find yourself.

So give yourself a rational time to suffer, a space alone or with a good company that serves as a cloth for tears and advises you to solve the problem and begin to forget it. Remember that it is very normal for you to feel depressed (or) and sad for a while and you should not deny what you are feeling.

It is also not good that you stay alone for a long time, because it is easier to connect with those negative feelings and that is what we do not want.

The thoughts

Do not think about those good times you spent with your ex, you can bring them back to your mind later when they do not hurt you and they are just that, good memories, they could make you think that those situations will return and it is not so.

On the contrary, focus on seeing the reasons for the breakup, and look and bring to your mind rather the moments that were the worst; also always remember what was the reason why the relationship did not work; it is true that there may be more serious cases than others, but it can still work. Bring to your mind each discussion, those things in which they were incompatible, among others; be careful, it’s not about you becoming obsessed with this either; it’s just that it will help you when some good memories come to your head.

You can take a colored sheet of paper and on it write everything negative that your relationship had, including everything that you would like to yell at him; take another sheet and on it write all the good things that it is to be able to be without your ex, the positive that the relationship is over, you can add more things every day.

Don’t listen to music that will make you feel sad either, it’s very common to do this and it really won’t help.

One nail drives out the other nail

Well, yes, it is a very common saying and it seems more like a phrase of those that we call drawer, but the reality is that it can be effective; so if you have the opportunity to be with someone, go ahead and if you can sleep with that person better, then the memories of your ex will fade; the idea is that you see that there are many more women and men in the world. We want to clarify that we are not telling everyone to run to do this, because it will depend on the person; We know that many do not change their relationship like changing their pajamas, if you are one of the latter, you can spend a pleasant moment with someone without the need for a relationship. This is something that most men will surely follow.

Goodbye to memories

It does not mean that you should burn everything and get rid of things, although many say that it is an excellent therapy if it can be done, but it does remove everything so that you do not see them, you can keep it inside a locked box and give the key someone so you avoid the urge to see them; when you have overcome your ex you will be able to take things out and see what you really need from there, it is most likely that the things put in the box will no longer matter to you.


Stay busy (a) all day in different activities, that your mind does not have time to think about what it should not; do different things that you like to do, play sports, go to the gym, swim, go for a walk or jog, if you can buy something, do everything you think can do to improve your self-esteem.

The friends

It is possible that with your relationship you saw little or nothing with your friends, so it is time to contact them, call them and stay with them, seek to spend a pleasant time with other people, assuming that they are not angry for having disappeared for so long, you could then apologize to them; go partying, partying, what you need is to have fun; If, on the other hand, it’s your friends who call you to go out, don’t tell them no because you’re bored to stay home lamenting, go out and have fun, it’s what you need.

Try to socialize, clear up and get out of that sea of ​​tears, if you can meet new people, go to different places and environments, go ahead, that will be the way you will clean up your past where of course your ex is present.

In your outings try not to go to those places that you have in common with your ex, avoid the places that you know that he/she frequents. If your friends suggest these kinds of places, explain to them why you don’t want to go there and chances are they’ll understand.


Start doing everything you stopped doing because he/she didn’t like it, watch movies and series of a genre that your ex didn’t watch, visit the friend that your ex didn’t like because they were jealous, take advantage your free time


  • If you are going through something like this and you have been complaining for more than necessary, to the point that you are not doing your life right anymore, just because you are crying and thinking about him/her, that is, you feel that you are literally on the floor, it is important that you look for professional help and seek advice from a psychologist or psychiatrist.
  • If, on the other hand, you were lucky and have already started a new relationship, do not start the comparisons with your ex, it will not help you at all.


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