How to Give a French kiss

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Anthropologists say that kisses are as old as life itself, they point out that they have their origin in the most primitive ancestors. In ancient times, food was chewed by mothers and passed directly from her mouth to her baby’s mouth, this being a first kiss.

Around the year 2000 BC it was already thought that kisses were the union of two souls.

There are also those who say that the kiss appeared as an instinctive way to show affection and that it occurs for the first time from the mother to the child, contrary to other interpretations that say that the origin of the kiss is found in the sucking of the baby to take the breast milk.

As you can see, there are many theories of the origin of the kiss, but there is nothing for sure, what is clear is that they exist and they are ways to show us tenderness, love, affection or passion depending on the type of kiss.

The French kiss is a passionate and romantic kiss that you have probably seen in the movies, in some dark streets and even in public, surely you have also practiced it.

If you are wondering what the French kiss is, it is the same one called kiss with tongue, only the first name is much more romantic and it is more beautiful to say it that way.

Here are the steps to give a good French kiss.

What do you need to give a French kiss?

  • want to give a good kiss

Instructions for giving a French kiss

  1. Moisten your lips: pass your tongue over your lips to moisten them; this is done in order for them to adhere well. You can use a little Vaseline, moisturizer, or lip balm. If you use something for your lips, you should apply it at least half an hour beforehand, so that your partner feels your lips moisturized and not like an unpleasant goop. It is good that you stay hydrated by drinking water.
  2. Right time: a moment of privacy is ideal, where there is no distraction from anything and they just want to live that moment.
  3. Tilt your head to one side: the mouths cannot be symmetrical since the noses of both will collide and it will not be possible to kiss. The incline should be slight and to the opposite side of your partner.
  4. Close your eyes: look at your partner before proceeding to kiss him, but once the lips are close, close your eyes.
  5. Gently caress your partner’s lips with yours: start gently and with little pressure, just brushing the lips, thus creating anticipation.
  6. Closed mouth: Start the kiss with your mouth closed, and then begin to open your lips slowly and gently, thus giving him a mixture of tenderness and passion.
  7. Both you and your partner must want a French kiss: a French kiss must be a shared decision, ask him if he wants it, not in a spoken way, with the same language you can ask him and according to his reaction you will understand. Begin to slowly open your lips a little and begin to enjoy those of your partner, begin to pass your tongue gently over your partner’s lips, and see what their reaction is, if the tongue responds in the same way, yes wants a French kiss, if the tongue becomes more static or tries to withdraw, it is good that you leave the French kiss for another time.
  8. Explore with the tongue: This step is done in case you have noticed that your partner does want the French kiss. Open your mouth a little more slowly and begin to explore and play with your tongue by introducing it a little more into your partner’s mouth, touch his tongue, the contact will be stimulating and pleasurable since the tongue is a very sensitive organ.
  9. Explore your partner’s tongue: explore your partner’s tongue gently and slowly, there is no reason to be in a hurry.
  10. Breathe: you cannot forget this step, it is not good for you to turn blue, and it would stop being romantic; find a way to breathe without breaking the kiss. Do it through the nose.
  11. Use your hands: hugging your partner and caressing them while you kiss them makes it much more romantic and pleasurable.

Tips for giving a French kiss

  • The French kiss is an open kiss, but don’t rush it, start with a closed kiss and end with an open kiss.
  • It starts with sweetness and ends with passion.
  • Use lip balm regularly.
  • Don’t lick your lips all the time.
  • Have good dental hygiene and good breath; remember that it is an open kiss. Do not eat foods that leave you with a strong taste. Have mints on hand.
  • It is good that you add different things each time you kiss, so as not to always do the same thing, you can change the depth, sometimes giving more importance to the lips and other times to the tongue.
  • Be careful not to bump your teeth.


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