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When we are little and we see the typical movies about princesses and princes charming, those dream stories where the man always rescues the woman, where they are happy and eat partridges… you grow up and they tell you that true love exists, that there is always a soul twin waiting for you somewhere in the world… you’re an adult and you keep hearing many of those stories, but with the cliché of the orange “there’s a better half waiting for you” or that “we all have our better half”, you have to look for it… anyway, these stories (everyone is free to think what they want but we should be more objective and realistic), everyone lives as they want and as best they can.

Not everyone wants to walk for life, incessantly looking for a partner (who does not know if he will appear or not). Therefore, live, be happy and if it comes… or not, enjoy it.

That said, and basically making it clear that you can be just as happy with or without a partner, everything has its positive and negative sides. But obviously, having a partner and a stable relationship brings security, happiness and well-being.

Instructions for having a relationship

  1. Don’t be possessive of your partner. Being a little jealous doesn’t have to be bad, but when it goes too far and you turn out to be a jealous and possessive partner, not only does it not end well or be healthy to be with someone like that, it’s that you will pull the other person and they will leave you. You will end up driving her away from you and you will also have a bad time with that nonsense.
  2. Be very careful with monotony. Boredom is death in a relationship. It sounds very strong or even exaggerated, but it is surprising how many people end their relationship because they have fallen into monotony and have not done anything about it to solve it.
  3. Maintaining a relationship is not easy. It has ups and downs; do not throw in the towel at the first change.
  4. You are not always right and vice versa. It will always be a tug of war in relationships… one day one is right and another day the other. This is so. Do not try to always take the lead or always be right, because in relationships as in everything, you must give in and it is impossible for you to always be right. But be careful, don’t do it the other way around either.
  5. When one always ends up getting away with it, it ends up burning relationships… more broad sleeves and common sense.
  6. When you start with a partner you always have certain habits that, unfortunately, over time, laziness begins and they are lost. Serious mistake. Good manners should not be lost. You have to be detailedSurprise your partner. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money, in fact, the best details are those that are made by hand, with dedication and not bought. Anyone can pay for something and buy it, but doing so wasting time and thinking about the partner is different. Make details for his birthday, anniversaries, important moments, when he is having a bad time, so that he knows how much you love him, romantic dinners, little notes, letters, and photographs, etc.

What do you need to have a relationship?

  •  Do not neglect your partner.
  •  Be attentive and listen to the things that are important to him/her.
  •  Always respect him. Never disrespect. That is death in respect for both the couple and the person as in everything in life, in general.
  •  Give him his space. Many psychologists advise that all people (whether or not they have a partner) should have their living space.
  •  Communicate. The typical thing of asking you what’s wrong with you and answering that nothing… is neither mature nor healthy in a relationship. It is more typical of fifteen-year-olds. Be realistic, people are not fortune tellers. If something happens to you or something has felt wrong, tell him. If you don’t know, you won’t be able to fix it.
  •  Mutual trust. She always trusts your partner and she, she should do the same with you. If you don’t trust each other, the relationship will become toxic.
  • Take nothing for granted. Love, as happens with passion, must be taken care of. If it is not taken care of… it withers and dies. And a couple without passion… is not a relationship.

Tips for having a relationship

If you decide to have a stable relationship and go from a simple relationship or a special friend or simply a relationship without worries or obligations, you must seriously commit.

Having a stable relationship is thinking about the other person and that they are also part of your intimate core. What does this mean? Well, you are supposed to think about those everyday things that you like to do, but you want to do them with your partner or you want to share it with her now. Eat in a restaurant, have drinks in that place you like, try new dishes, go on a trip, go to the movies together, play sports together, etc. Anything that is daily or not for you, but do it accompanied.

It is very important to know that a couple is a matter of two. Just as you feel bad about some things, your partner will also feel bad about others. You always have to put yourself in the place of the other and be more flexible in certain situations, be more empathic, something that, unfortunately, is less and less often done and protested more. Two people and therefore, both with different characters, hobbies, ways of seeing life in general… When something feels very bad to you and you explode, make criticism that is constructive. Do no harm and do it for free. Don’t provoke or mess up a good chicken because that way you won’t get anything… quite the opposite. Your partner will get even angrier and will be very overwhelmed. Always think of one thing, would you like that they do it to you? If the answer is no, then don’t do it…

And since each person is a world, imagine couples… you should never compare yourself, something that some couples do thinking that they have problems, that they are not happy, that they feel stuck or do not know what to do to get out of that monotony because they have spent many years together or they are on a better or worse streak… nobody knows what is lived behind closed doors, in a house. Each couple is a world, keep that in mind. You must not take anything for granted. Always talk about it with your partner, calmly and with good communication. Always keep the flame of passion lit and think that sex, no matter how you look at it, is always very important. Sexologists confirm that a relationship without sex is not a relationship and that when you no longer feel like it or bother to maintain that spark and only look for excuses and don’t even bother to take time for it… you have to think about what is failing. Always avoid reaching that point because it is the beginning of the end. It is like that in all relationships.

And remember, living as couple and having stable romantic relationships is very good. When you meet a person with whom you share your life, be happy and feel comfortable, it’s incredible. It’s nice to be able to share your day to day life with someone who contributes to you. But if you are not the type of person who wants to have stable relationships or pair up, live freely and be happy, in your own way. But always doing what you want and don’t let you be influenced by stereotypes. Do what you want, life is yours and no one else should live it for you. If something doesn’t make you happy… don’t do it. And don’t be in a relationship either because it’s what they expect of you or it hurts you to hurt your partner if you leave. Don’t ever do that. If something doesn’t make you happy or doesn’t work, finish it as soon as possible. In the end it will end up breaking just the same, but it will be worse.

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