How to Hide a Hickey

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Many times hickeys are caused by being fully aware of what is being done, but other times they are not, they only occur by letting yourself go for the moment, which can later become a problem when the person realizes that they are carrying it and not he knows how to hide it, he can even lend himself to teasing at work, with his friends and even get into trouble at home. It is possible that you are going through this situation, so we invite you to continue reading How to hide a hickey.

The hickey is really a bruise where the blood vessels break and that is why a Hickey contusion occurs, this occurs due to a strong suction that is made with the mouth on the skin of the other person, (How to make a hickey) is highly related to sexual activity and may not be very happy for other people to notice; Let’s remember that the most common place to do it is on the neck, a quite visible place.

What do you need to hide a hickey?

  • Foundation or concealer (the color should be depending on the tone of the hickey)
  • High neck blouse
  • Long sleeve blouse
  • scarves
  • Toothpaste (toothpaste)
  • Piniella (comb)
  • metallic spoon
  • Sea or Epsom salt
  • Vinegar
  • Ointment
  • Analgesics
  • arnica cream

Instructions to hide a hickey

  1. Long-sleeved blouse: if it is on one arm, you should only dress for those long-sleeved days
  2. High neck blouse: you can wear turtle neck (high neck) blouses in case the weather allows it, scarves will also work. It is something that if you do in summer you will arouse more suspicions.
  3. Makeup: if it is not very visible, try to cover it with makeup, use foundation or concealer and spread it all over the neck; do not exaggerate the layer either because you could raise suspicions. Play with the tones, if for example your hickey is blue or purple, apply some peach color, if on the contrary it is greenish, and try purple.
  4. Hair: if you have long hair and the hickey is not very forward, try to hide it with this one.
  5. Ice: take an ice and rub it on the hickey while you massage, do it in a circular way.
  6. Toothpaste: when you see a hickey starting to come out, you can take some toothpaste and massage yourself.
  7. Piniella: take a comb and pass it through your skin in a gentle way, this is for better blood circulation.
  8. Coin: take a coin, put it inside a plastic and massage the affected area.
  9. Metal spoon: an alternative to ice is to take a spoon and put it in the freezer for 15 minutes, take it out and apply it to the area while massaging in circular motions.
  10. Sea salt: in a cup of warm water make a tablespoon of sea salt or Epson salt, take a handkerchief, moisten it in the preparation and then apply to the skin.
  11. Vinegar: You can also choose to moisten your handkerchief in vinegar and then apply.
  12. Ointment: buy a special ointment for bruises at a pharmacy; it can help speed up healing. Thrombosis is the most common.
  13. Heart: in case you can put the area of ​​​​the hickey above the heart, do it; if it is the typical hickey on the neck, raise your head, putting it on top of 2 pillows. There are places where this point will not be able to do.
  14. Analgesics: many times the hickey can cause you some pain and swelling, in this case you can take an ibuprofen, for example, if this pill is not heavy for you.
  15. Arnica: get a cream with arnica, it will help you with the healing process, and the pain will decrease. It is not recommended that you take pills with this component, they are not friends of your heart and increase blood pressure, and so spread it will be better.
  16. Vitamins: they can help you in the process, especially C and K; when your body lacks vitamin C, blood vessels weaken, and when vitamin K is absent, bruises don’t wait. Eggs, broccoli and spinach are some foods rich in vitamin K. Guava, blueberries and strawberries are excellent sources of vitamin C.
  17. Do not smoke: if you have a smoking habit, it is better to stop it while the hickey lasts, because continuing to do so would make the cure take longer to arrive. At least try to reduce it. You could also take it as an opportunity to try to kick this habit.

Tips to hide a hickey

  • This is an informative article, do not forget to always consult your doctor who is the one with the power to prescribe and diagnose
  • Remember that the hickey is really a bruise and therefore these tips can help speed up healing, but it will not be immediately, it is the same as when you get a bruise after a blow, the skin can take up to 5 days to return to its normal state.


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