How to Identify Negative People

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In this life nothing is certain, much less friendship or esteem with other people. Sometimes even though we don’t want it, we are surrounded by bad and negative people who seek to ruin every aspect of other people’s lives in order to maintain control over them.

Negative people range from those who one day tell you superficial comments like “you look good, you look like a slut”, where they make you believe that they support you while actually destroying you, to those who use violence to prevent your progress.

There are many types of harmful, toxic or negative people, but the worst cases of these people that we often do not realize are around us until it is too late and they have hurt us, we will list them below to learn how to identify negative people and cut her out of your life.

It does not matter if the negative person is a close relative, partner or a supposed friend, if any of the people around you meet the factors that we will point out below, it is better that you move away before they hurt you, either mentally or physically.

These are some of the most harmful cases why you should know how to identify negative people.

What do you need to identify negative people?

  • be cautious
  • Don’t trust anyone
  • Ignore and push away negative people

Instructions to identify negative people

  1. They criticize without foundation. Negative people tend to criticize everything they can, because they are frustrated with themselves and since they cannot find a way to eliminate that feeling of self-repulsion, they negatively criticize everything that happens in front of their eyes to vent that repressed anger.
  2. They prefer to judge than to live their own life. Negative people often run away from their lives without realizing it, and instead of entering and focusing on their own affairs, they refer to judging the lives of others to feel superior and make you feel bad, because these acts feed their egos and unload their frustrations.
  3. When you ask them their opinion about a project, they will tell you only the negative points so that you resign yourself and they will not support you or they will only pretend to support you.
  4. They like gossip and promote it. Negative people like to hurl poison at others either through gossip or action. They like to find out about everything, especially what is not related to them, because they prefer to focus on other people’s issues than on solving particular problems.
  5. They project their flaws onto you. Negative people like to project their flaws onto you. For example, suppose they call you fat and ugly, when in fact the person who is fat and ugly is the one who criticizes you, they judge your physique or your way of life when they no longer have arguments to discuss and the defects they have, they blame, that is their way of emotionally freeing themselves from what they hate about themselves, from their defects.
  6. They attack behind your back. Negative people attack behind your back, either by spreading lies or committing harmful acts against you or yours.
  7. They believe they are right and will not admit to being wrong even if you prove it to them with true and convincing evidence. The negative person will always try to contradict you and will believe that they are right at all times, they will even resort to violence, either verbal or physical, in order to shut you up even if you are right, because they will have no other way to win a debate since they will lose because of their ignorance and foolishness.
  8. They often attack people they are envious or jealous of, but don’t have the courage to admit or get over it. Negative people, as we mentioned before, often tend to hate or despise some facet or attitude of themselves, that’s why they attack people who have achieved what they want but don’t want to admit. For example, a woman who assaults another for having a better student average than her.
  9. They have a notable lack of cultural and educational knowledge. Lacking knowledge, they use violence to try to outdo others. Negative people often make a fool of themselves in a debate due to the lack of true sources and arguments to present in the conversation.
  10. They are arrogant. They think they are superior, especially after humiliating someone else. They like to fight and remind you of every mistake you’ve made because when they make you feel bad, they think they’re better than you.
  11. They pretend to be good people and when you trust them they attack you from behind. They are not people you want to be around, unless it’s just to make sure they don’t hurt you. These types of people are aware of the lives of others to consciously or unconsciously ruin your achievements, projects or your life in general.
  12. They are people addicted to control. If you do something and those people don’t find out or you didn’t notify them, they feel attacked and will look for a way to control your life or that of those around you. When a negative person is in charge of another person or believes they are in charge of another person, they will often use violence as a means of control under the name of “protection”. For example, a person who hits you if you go out on the street because, according to him, he is protecting you from street evil.

Tips for Identifying Negative People

  • Be very careful of negative people, if you know a person who coincides with at least 3 points of those mentioned above, stay away from him, do not mention anything about your future projects or keep your distance, because they can hurt you or your loved ones. Loved ones either physically or morally in order to feel that they are in control.


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