How to Improve Sperm

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Having oral sex can be a very pleasant experience for a couple, but in the case of men, if he does not take care of himself and has bad habits that affect his health, this will also alter his semen, so that when doing oral sex it will be very unpleasant due to the bad taste or smell of sperm.

The poor quality of semen makes many people prefer to stop this practice, as it can even become disgusting for those who have to do it.

For this reason, it is necessary to improve the sperm, because if the sperm is bad, this will not only affect the taste or smell of the semen, but it is a sign that our body is bad, and even our fertility can be affected.

For this reason we want to show you what is the best way to improve semen, both in taste, smell and quantity.

The color, taste and aroma of sperm are signs of the health of our body, and if we want good quality sperm, we have to improve our eating and living habits.

If you want to have healthy, white semen, without bad odors and in good quantity, then follow these instructions to improve sperm.

What do you need to improve sperm?

  • Healthy diet
  • moderate exercise
  • Avoid narcotics and junk food

Instructions to improve sperm

  1. Find out what factors can harm the state of your semen. There is more than one factor that can discourage sperm production, ranging from decreasing sperm production, or even contaminating it by making it smell bad and taste bad. Intoxication, junk products, and chemicals cause semen to have a foul odor as well as an unpleasant taste.
  2. Below we will show some main factors that negatively alter the taste and smell of semen: Junk food, prefabricated food, with artificial or toxic additives, the consumption of fried foods, trans fats, saturated fats, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, junk food, soft drinks, artificial sweets, excess alcohol, all drugs and narcotics (including tobacco and marijuana), some pharmaceuticals, and constant exposure to polluted air such as smog.
  3. To improve the sperm both in functionality and in taste and smell we must start by detoxifying ourselves and maintaining a high level of hygiene. Many times the bad smell or bad taste of semen is related to lack of hygiene, if you do not wash your genital area well and its urinary tract becomes infected, this will possibly cause a foul odor and when passing semen through this area, we can believe that it is the sperm that smells bad, but it is not.
  4. The worst of all is that if the urinary tract or the genital area in general is infected, there is a risk of suffering from spermatorrhea, which is when the semen leaves the body without any stimulation, and is often accompanied by pus, making the semen visible. Yellowish, greenish in color and with a fetid odor and taste.
  5. Going to see a doctor to find out how your body is essential to know how that bad smell is produced in the genital area. You must take care of your hygiene as a first step to improve sperm in all its senses, and as a second step, correct all the bad habits in your life.
  6. If you have already gone to the doctor and he has told you that you do not have any infection, then it is time to change your diet and lifestyle to improve sperm.
  7. The taste of semen depends mostly on what we eat, if you consume junk food or toxic products like the ones mentioned above, or smoke, obviously your semen will taste bad because you are intoxicating your body with harmful products and this is reflected in the semen both in its appearance as in its consistency, smell and taste.
  8. Avoid all kinds of possible drugs, unless the doctor prescribes a drug for an illness, then only then can you consume this kind of product, but if not necessary, also avoid medications such as painkillers, relaxants, or anti-inflammation (sometimes unless you really need them). Drugs are most of the time, the main reason why sperm is unpleasant, so to improve semen you have to avoid smoking, injecting, and taking drugs.
  9. The next thing we will do to improve sperm is to eat natural foods. Although sweet products give a good flavor to semen making it sweeter, an excess of sugar can harm you, so give preference to fruits, especially pineapple, pineapple gives a good flavor to semen, as well as a sweet scent. The same thing happens with apples, these are also very good for improving sperm. Consume all possible fruits; it is even good to eat fruit and/or vegetable salad 3 times a day as a side dish to accompany your meal.
  10. He also consumes foods of marine origin such as oysters and fish; these contain zinc, which is important to improve the quality and production of semen. Consuming lean meat from chicken, beef, and pork will provide energy to your body and improve the quality of semen.
  11. Drink plenty of water and avoid fizzy drinks like sodas and manufactured juices. These products have a high level of artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives that alter semen. Give preference to unsweetened fruit juice and plain water.
  12. Do not consume an excess of salt or very strong condiments. Salt also affects the taste of semen, making it taste saltier than it is. Do not add extra salt to your food or very strong seasonings. A light meal, free of irritants, is the most ideal to improve sperm.
  13. Another very important thing to improve semen quality is to exercise. Exercising helps improve sperm output during ejaculation, as well as improves the amount of sperm in semen that comes out during ejaculation. However, we should not exaggerate this step, the ideal is to do moderate exercise 3 to 5 times a week without wearing ourselves out too much, as this could lead to a result contrary to what we want to achieve to improve sperm.

Tips to improve sperm

  • Exercising will not only help you to improve sperm, but also to have a better sexual performance, thanks to the fact that you are providing energy to the body and taking care of its metabolism.


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