How to Increase Libido

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Loss of libido is very common after a certain age. In women, it is common for sexual desire to stop around the age of 30. Although it does not disappear, his interest in sex decreases. This situation is related to the decrease in vaginal discharge, which affects the enjoyment of intimate relationships, and the loss of appetite caused by everyday situations. In men, on the other hand, libido does not begin to fail until much later, although a certain drop in sexual desire is also detected from the same age. In the case of men, the main cause is the gradual reduction of testosterone in their body.

Many times, the decrease in sexual desire is associated with moments of stress, loss of romanticism, problems in coexistence, or little rapport in bed with our partner. Although sometimes it can be exasperating, and it is considered one of the most common causes of the breakup of many couples, we are in luck, because there are very simple ways to increase your interest in sex and get the passion reborn again.

Is the same thing needed to increase the libido of men and women?

In reality, there are related elements and others that are very different. Think that the things that turn us on girls are not always the same things that excite boys. The desire of men, for example, is closely associated with the sense of sight. A man is easily aroused by sexy and attractive images (a simple bra and panty set that is a bit racy can do wonders at any time of the day), while women are more akin to caresses and physical contact in general. Skillful hands and a sensitive mouth may just be what you need to make your girl lose her mind and want so much more.

If you want to know formulas that never fail, read this post to find out how to unleash your fantasies and those of your partner. Let’s get started!

What do you need to increase libido?

  • couple
  •  Fruit
  •  hot chocolate
  •  Champagne
  •  erotic toys
  •  Scented candlesdried flowers or rose petals
  •  Ambient music
  • A relaxing bubble bath
  • an opaque scarf
  •  Lubricant oil suitable for massages
  •  You want to experiment and have fun

Instructions to increase libido

  1. Prepare a romantic evening. It doesn’t have to be a weekend or a special date. Any day is good to surprise your partner. Use some scented candles, raised petals or dried flowers, and fill your living room with them. Create a relaxing environment and prepare a couple of glasses and a very cool bottle of champagne. Now you just have to wait for your partner to arrive. I recommend that you do it very lightly in clothes. You will see how this trick increases your libido quickly and effectively.
  2. If you are already tired of the usual and your relationships have become a monotonous and uninteresting practice, add some mischief to the matter! And what better way to do it than with some new plugin? Have fun buying sex toys with your partner. Visit a sex shop or an erotic shop together and look for the things that excite you the most between the two of you. Here you will find all kinds of toys. From board games, dice, oils and edible clothing, to whips, handcuffs, vibrators or dildos. In the variety is the spice!
  3. I propose a simple and very romantic evening. If you’ve lost a bit of magic in your relationship and aren’t ready for big initial changes, why not start with something basic? A very simple way to get your libido back is to increase physical contact with your partner. Fill your bathtub at home with hot water and pour in foaming, scented bath salts. Once full, start with something as simple as undressing each otherwith delicacy and affection and always attentive to the other’s gaze. Once naked, get into the bathtub and explore your bodies. How long have you not caressed each other? Well, this is the perfect time to do it. Touch is very important to everyone and sometimes we forget about it completely. In this exercise you should not practice sex, just touch each other gently to remember or learn the weak points of your partners. Repeat this exercise for a couple more days. By the third time you will be able to make love, although it is most likely that you will reach orgasm without the need for penetration on more than one occasion. You will see that your desire has increased a lot and that you have learned new things about your partner’s tastes.
  4. Have you had any fruit with melted chocolate with your partner? Yeah I guess so, but have you ever tried eating this stuff on it? It is extremely exciting and sweet. Run your tongue over your bodies as you gently eat on them. It is extremely sexy. Of course, prepare to go after the head experiment to the shower to end the evening. It will be necessary if you don’t want to stain the whole house with chocolate!
  5. Have you ever tried to let yourself do? And did you do it with your eyes closed? Well, try doing it blindfolded! It is an unforgettable experience. The senses are triggered and it gives both parties a lot of morbidity, both the one who is left without vision and the one who handles the situation. After this experience you will want to do it like this many more times.
  6. Give each other a relaxing massage. This trick is foolproof for increasing skin-on-skin sensation and improving relationships. It is very common to resort to massages when starting a relationship, as both parties want to increase intimacy and physical contact with the other. If it is a practice that you have forgotten over the years, recover it! You will see how your libido thanks you and the connection with your partner increases again. Today there are many types of massage oils that are also lubricants and have flavors. I recommend these varieties for their multiple uses. Try the strawberry or chocolate flavored ones, they are a real delight.
  7. Tell your most intimate fantasies… and make them come true! Do you want to practice sex in public places? Do you want to try a new position that they have told you about? Have you never tried anal sex but would like to do it? Do you have the fantasy of dressing up as a character and having your partner do it too?? Do not cut yourself and tell all these secrets to your partner. Even if you don’t accomplish all of them, your libido will certainly skyrocket.
  8. Have a first date again… under false identities! Sometimes the day to day is so discouraging that we end up losing sexual desire. Many times seeing ourselves immersed in our daily lives overwhelms us. A good method to prevent this from happening is to pretend to be someone else for a day! If you have children, I advise you to take a weekend off and leave them with their grandparents. From there, meet in a place that neither of you know nor go out to dinner as if it were a first date. Remember that you cannot use roles that are similar to your day to day, so you will have to improvise. You will like the experience so much, that you will surely repeat it!

Tips to increase libido

All these tricks work very well and are properly verified, but to make them even more effective, I suggest you create your own love listSearch your fantasies and those of your partner and create scenarios and situations that excite both of you. Libido will never be separated from you again and your mood and health will improve a lot. You can buy a diary where you write down the things you most want to do. Look for a nice one, one of those that have a lock to give everything a more private and sexy touch.


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