How to Increase Testosterone

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Testosterone is considered the quintessential male sex hormone, although it is also present in the body of women. Not only do we humans manufacture it, but it is found in the body of other mammals, birds, reptiles and different vertebrates of the animal kingdom.

In the case of mammals, testosterone is generated mainly in the testicles, in the body of men, and in the ovaries in the body of women. Its presence in the male body is very important for the development of reproductive tissues and sexual characteristics, for example when having an erection, which is why it is so closely related to the manhood and virility of men, although it is also essential for the increase of muscle mass and bone mass, which is why it is considered necessary to prevent osteoporosis. If you want to learn some technical data about this hormone, you can check this link.

When does testosterone start to decline?

According to studies, from the age of 30 men begin to produce less testosterone naturally. These levels continue to decline gradually over the years. This decrease can cause certain symptoms in men, such as decreased sexual appetite (Read How Lack of Sex Affects), loss of concentration or increased chances of suffering from depression. It also affects muscle mass and the incipient appearance of osteoporosis in the bones. Fortunately, there are many methods to increase the levels of this hormone naturally in the body. In this way we will avoid having to resort to chemical compounds such as winstrolthat can affect other parts of our body. If you want to know how to get it, you just need to read this post. Let’s get started!

What do you need to increase testosterone?

We are going to need

  • have a more active life
  • Go to the gym or run
  • Be 100% motivated to achieve our goal

Instructions to increase testosterone

Put the following tips into action to activate your testosterone levels. You will see how soon your masculinity will be at its peak.

  1. Reduce the level of sugar in your diet. The consumption of sugar increases the level of insulin, which causes a drop in testosterone. If you notice that your body loses “virility”, permanently abandon the consumption of sugar or at least reduce it to the maximum.
  2. Fight against stress. Do you have a difficult season at work? Are you not able to fall asleep because problems do not allow it? Are you noticing that this attitude also affects your sexual desire? This happens because under stressful situations the body produces a large amount of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, which, among its effects, cancels out the qualities of testosterone. I advise you to use relaxation techniques to control cortisol levels and prevent stress from becoming chronic. If you are not able to do it on your own, go to a specialist, he will help you and teach you simple exercises to combat it.
  3. Lose weight. Weight gain is clearly related to low levels of testosterone. If you are overweight, rest assured that this hormone will be greatly reduced. So it’s time to get going and lose those extra pounds. Eliminate sugar from your diet, exercise more daily, and begin to control your food intake. You will see that very soon the results will be visible and your mood and appearance will improve. They are all advantages.
  4. Get zinc in your diet. Zinc intake has been shown to increase levels of this hormone. On the other hand, having a low level of this compound in our body causes testosterone to decrease markedly. You can increase your intake by eating products rich in protein, such as meat and fish. Dairy products also contain it, such as milk, cheese or natural yogurts. If despite the intake of these foods, you need to increase the level of zinc in your body, you can go to an herbalist to get a supplement.
  5. Increase your intake of vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important for quality sperm and increased testosterone levels. You can get a boost of this vitamin by sunbathing, or with certain fruits like citrus or kiwi. If you decide on the sun, do not forget to use protection cream with a factor appropriate to your skin tone. This won’t stop you from absorbing vitamin D, but it will help prevent potential skin cancers and other problems like burns.
  6. Avoid consuming unhealthy fats. The body needs a large amount of fat to survive; the problem is where you get it from. Animal and vegetable fats are good for increasing testosterone, but chemically produced ones only make it worse. We recommend the intake of extra virgin olive oil, nuts such as almonds or walnuts, meat from animals fed with organic feed or eggs from organic chickens. You will notice an improvement in your health and a significant increase in testosterone.
  7. Increase strength. Increased strength has been shown to improve levels of this hormone. The proper way to increase strength is to perform weight-bearing exercises with low reps and the right amount of weight for your body. Also, it is better to perform exercises that affect a large number of muscles and not just a few. In addition to improving your figure and your health, you will feel much better about yourself and reduce stress levels.
  8. Be competitive at all levels. At first glance it may seem silly, but competition builds testosterone in men. This does not mean that from now on your life will become a race against the clock, but try setting short-term goals for your testosterone to increase. Compete to improve your work results (you can do it against yourself) or go out and flirt with your colleagues (prohibited for those who have a partner if it is going to go beyond a simple flirt). The feeling of “hunting” increases testosterone levels.
  9. Have sex. Sex is an inexhaustible source of benefits of all kinds. It improves your health, your skin, your circulation, your physical tone, it allows you to lose weight and, if you are also a man, your testosterone levels skyrocket. Have fun with your partner and improve intimate relationships with her. You can use erotic toys or books like the Kama Sutra to increase pleasure for both parties.

Tips to increase testosterone

  • The most important thing to improve the level of testosterone is, above all, to be healthy and have a healthy diet. Think that if our levels, such as sugar, are too high, it will not only affect the amount of testosterone that you generate in the body, but also other basic functions of your body. The healthier you are and the better you feel, the easier it is for your body to function properly.
  • If this situation ends up becoming a problem that degenerates into a condition that is not only physical, but also psychological, you may need the help of a specialist to improve your condition. In that case, we advise you to visit your GP for guidance on possible treatments or refer you to the corresponding specialist.
  • Don’t despair. Sometimes you go through potholes, but this does not mean that it is a situation that will remain this way forever. Everything can be improved, don’t forget it.
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