How to Kiss with Tongue or French kiss

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To be able to give a good tongue kiss you have to take into account a series of factors that range from the way you kiss to the eating habits you have as well as hygiene habits and trust towards that person.

Many people fail to give their first kiss, and that is because they do not take the indicated precautions or they get carried away by the kisses they see on television or pornographic programs. But in real life to give a good first tongue kiss you have to know how, when and where, and that is the goal we want to achieve today.

In this post we will show you how to give a French kiss well done following a series of recommendations. Once you have the theory, it will be much easier to be able to give a pleasant and natural French kiss, which the person you kiss will like as much as you.

In addition to this, by following the instructions that we have here, you will be able to acquire better experience in kissing and in this way you will be able to give the best tongue kisses that you have ever had. Intense kisses, soft kiss, loving kisses, everything is possible if you practice and have a good theory to carry out.

What do you need to kiss with tongue or French kiss?

  • Creativity
  • Language
  • Mouth
  • Partner

Instructions for kissing with tongue or French kiss

  1. Wash your mouth. A dirty mouth feels uncomfortable when you kiss, having a clean mouth will reduce the risk of getting a throat infection from kissing and at the same time we have the advantage that our mouth will be more pleasant when kissing because the teeth, tongue and palate will be free from impurities that are rough to the touch.
  2. Soft and hydrated mouth. It is important that our mouth is pleasant to the touch, for this it prevents your lips from being dry or cracked, use an exfoliate to remove impurities on the lips and soften them, then apply a lubricating balm on your lips and avoid using creamy or oily lipsticks, better use a light lip gloss or just lubricate with balm.
  3. Wet lips. As we said before, the lips must be soft and hydrated to avoid roughness or cracks, but in addition to this, we also have to moisten the lips to be able to kiss well. Saliva meets a very important fusion in kisses. Your lips should be moist, but unless the person likes it, don’t go overboard with the saliva.
  4. Clean and fresh breath. Avoid consuming foods such as garlic, coffee, tea, onion, shallot, spicy, or other foods and condiments that can make you have strong breath. Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, fat-free foods, and wash your mouth after every meal with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash.
  5. Drink water very often. This will balance the PH of your mouth, preventing the saliva inside it from being very acidic and in this way your saliva will be more pleasant and level, avoiding foam or dryness.
  6. Romantic atmosphere and trust. Not all moments are ideal for a French kiss, moments of romance when the couple is calm and trusting is ideal.
  7. Deep and suggestive looks. When you are in front of that person, look deeply into her eyes without making her uncomfortable. Try to make your look serene and tender, always smiling but without exaggerating and start to get closer to that person. If that person moves away, don’t insist, but if he also approaches, continue.
  8. Kiss progressively. Do not go to put the tongue directly, start with a soft kiss lip to lip and always with your head in the opposite direction of the person you kiss or teeth and heads collide. Moisten your lips with your tongue and keep it between open and relaxed, that’s a kissable position for a French kiss.
  9. Begin by brushing his lips with yours, gently, not abruptly. Do not act with acceleration; she kisses as if time did not exist, rubbing each part of her lips with yours and without pressing too much.
  10. Caress your partner while you kiss her and continue exploring. The combination of touches, caresses and hugs while kissing will make the kiss more entertaining. While you do that, explore your mouth with your tongue little by little, like giving small licks on the lips and introduce your tongue little by little without exaggerating or moving it very quickly. As if you explore their mouth and let that person explore yours too.

Tips for tongue kissing or French kissing

  • The kiss can last as long as you both feel comfortable, but if either of you becomes uncomfortable, you should stop.
  • Do not despair if your first French kiss is uncomfortable or you do not like it enough, you can improve over time, it is all about exploring and respecting the rhythms that you and your partner like in order to increase the intensity progressively.


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