How to Know If a Woman Is Excited

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The big difference between men and women in terms of sex is that arousal in men is something that is easily noticed through an erection, while in women, it is more difficult to know when they are excited or not. But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With this article you will learn some tricks that will help you know when a woman is excited.

Signs that let you know when a woman is turned on

  • The pupils dilate. The pupils (the darkest part of the eyes) tend to get bigger when a woman is aroused or attracted, this happens because the brain sends signals to let in more light. But you can only check this when you are very close, since from a distance the change is not too noticeable.
  • The increase in body temperature. This may be one of the most obvious signs, since through touch you can see that your skin is hotter than usual. This change is followed by light sweating, which makes the skin clammy and sex flush, making the skin red.
  • It is very common for women’s body odor to change when they are excited, as they release chemicals called pheromones that serve to attract a sexual partner. This change in smell happens in a subtle way and, in most cases, it is not something that is consciously perceived, but rather the brain will associate it with a possible sexual interaction without you realizing it.
  • Other physiological changes that can indicate that a woman is excited that can be seen with the naked eye if you pay attention are: the movement of the eyelashes, being much faster and more frequent than usual. You can also observe that they cross their legs more often when they are interested; they fix their intense gaze on the person who provokes their desire for her and you can notice how her breathing accelerates or she sighs from time to time.
  • Other signs are that they play with their hair, touching it more than usual, that they get closer to you, that they initiate physical contact more times and that they laugh more.
  • The clearest sign that a woman is aroused is vaginal lubrication. When there is sexual desire, the vagina begins to moisten and lubricate a more than evident indication that they are ready for penetration. This flow allows intercourse to be performed without pain and the penis to enter the vagina easily, providing greater pleasure to the woman. The type of flow, its smell and its composition change from one woman to another and in the same woman depending on the situation in which she finds herself.
  • The increase in the size of the clitoris is another of the most obvious signs that a woman is ready to have a sexual relationship. At the peak of arousal, the labia major and minor of the clitoris enlarge and turn darker, making them much more sensitive to caresses and touch. That is why it is a main point to know if a woman has sexual desire or not. The clitoris has many nerve points, so what happens there will be transmitted throughout the body, making the excitement increase even more. Also read: What are the Caresses that Excite Women the Most
  • Another of the changes that occur in the woman’s body when she is excited is the hardening of the nipples. These become erect, being much more sensitive than at any other time, making a simple touch provides great pleasure throughout the body. A slight change in color may also occur, becoming darker. This change in the nipples is followed by a slight enlargement of the breasts.
  • There is also an increase in muscle tension, making the movements more restless, powerful and fast as sexual arousal increases..

Tips to know if a woman is aroused

  • There are more obvious signs than others, but if you are attentive you will be able to notice the small details that will indicate that a woman is interested in you.
  • If you want to arouse a woman, touch her slowly at first and watch for the signs listed above to know where she is in her arousal.
  • Do not forget to touch her clitoris, since it is the place where they enjoy the most. But do not forget the breasts and the rest of the body either, since women have a large capacity to get excited when you touch their whole body.
  • Before penetration, the vagina must be well lubricated. This is very important because, otherwise, if she is not lubricated, the woman will feel discomfort and will not fully enjoy sexual intercourse.


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