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Have you ever heard people say that every minute of deep laughter equals one more hour of life? Well, it seems that it is! There is nothing healthier than open, real laughter, laughter that comes from within and makes us feel much happier.

Knowing how to laugh not only helps us find ourselves better, but also allows us to get closer to other people, socialize and be much more affable and close. In addition, its physical benefits are also feasible. A person with a frank laugh is characterized by having a hard abdomen and a strong heart, as well as a much better immune system than that of a serious and continually worried person.

Laughing is very important, this is demonstrated by laughter therapy

Laughing has today become a therapy for many people, a healthy way to improve relationships with others and with one. In fact, there is a psychotherapeutic technique characterized by obtaining many mental and emotional benefits through laughter: it is laughter therapy. This technique is based on the contagious capacity that laughter has within a group, since it has been shown that laughing in a group infects many people, even those who normally do not laugh. UNICEF, for example, uses it as a means to revive children who have faced, and luckily survived, some kind of natural disaster.

But how to laugh naturally?

Knowing how to laugh naturally without being forced is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is necessary to learn certain modes of behavior to make laughter become a natural part of you. If you want to learn how to laugh and achieve a much healthier and happier life, be sure to read the following post. Let’s get started!

What do you need to laugh?

To know how to laugh, we are going to need

  • read the next post
  • Take the advice seriously and practice it
  • With these techniques you will not only learn how to laugh, but you will be much happier in your day to day life and enjoy life to the fullest.
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Instructions to laugh

Step by step to know how to laugh

  1. Take life with philosophy. Sometimes, the day to day makes we end up terribly stressed when the night comes and does not allow us to enjoy life. Worries, daily obligations, economic, work or personal problems can be a terrible scourge that ends up becoming a heavy burden that we continually put on our backs and that slowly turns us off. Well, one way to fight against all these overwhelming situations is to take life with philosophy. Try to take the iron out of the matter; do not exhaust yourself thinking over and over again about your problems. The best way to do this is to see things in perspective. If you are not able to do it on your own, it is worth having someone who allows you to see life from another perspective.
  2. Look for the good and fun side of things. Have you ever woken up thinking about how beautiful everything around you is, how lucky you are that that person stays by your side, that your family is in good health? Just as we are able to see bad things, we must also be able to see good things. Do this simple exercise every day to recharge your batteries and make your day-to-day much happier: as soon as you wake up, think of the beautiful things that surround you: a painting, your partner, the beautiful view you see through the window of your room… but don’t just stay there, enjoy the trip to work, look at the curious things that surround you, have fun with the inconsistencies that you can find and with the nice little details that surround you(a giant dog with a personalized t-shirt, a little green house, the glass cube decorated with funny images…)
  3. Smile, smile and smile! Many scientific studies show that smiling is therapeutic and that doing it every day is great for our health. Try not to make your relaxed face look sad or serious and smile throughout the day. Do it continuously. Once I had a boss who always told me that when talking on the phone you have to smile even if the other person does not see you, because it shows in the tone of voice. And it’s true! If you smile while you speak your words will be more pleasant and close, if you smile when you start to get nervous, you will see how, automatically, you begin to relax naturally and forget why you were speeding up. If you smile at those around you, they will be nicer to you and you will find yourself much happier with them. Take the test and smile.
  4. Forget the news and choose funny shows on TV. Do the same with books. Immerse yourself in likeable authors that make you laugh out loud anywhere. If we are surrounded by violence and sadness all day, it is not surprising that it is so difficult for us to laugh. Well, put aside all the negative things during your leisure time and have fun to the fullest, even watching TV or reading a book. And to achieve this, here are some excellent recommendations both for television and for your reading time: if you’re a fan of comedy series of no more than 20 minutes, you can’t stop watching IT Crowd/Los informatics and The Office, both translated into Spanish. The first is a British series with a truly contagious humor, made up of 4 glorious seasons that tell the story of some very funny computer scientists in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the second, a true gem of 9 seasons, you will be able to enter any office (it has reminded me a lot of situations that I have experienced at work over the years) where you will be able to see in the first row the relationships that are created between co-workers and the peculiarities that make each of them such funny and hilarious people at specific times. If you want to laugh, and a lot, with some very different books, I recommend that you discover David Safire very soon. For me it has meant a before and after in books to break out laughing. When I read Damn Karma, I thought it would make me pee on myself because of how much I laughed while reading it. And of course, I couldn’t stop reading his other titles: Muumuu! I, me, me… with youJesus loves me or A happy family. For me, without a doubt, the funniest is Cursed Karma, but the others will make you have a very nice time. If you are a reader of public transport, like me, prepare to spread laughter to the rest of your companions in the car.

Tips for laughing

Take it easy, not all people are capable of laughing out loud if they are not used to it. But don’t stop smiling and looking at life more calmly. Relax, laugh at yourself and of course don’t be embarrassed by your laughs, even if they are strange squawks or extremely loud. As long as you’re happy and don’t hurt anyone, what difference does it make what anyone else thinks?


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