How to Love Without Suffering

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Suffering is a word that is accompanied when it comes to falling in love, as long as it is only one person of the couple who falls in love and gives all their love in its entirety without expecting anything in return, being a huge mistake because that is when they play with feelings.

For this reason, thinking about the things you must do to avoid suffering in a relationship in which you are involved and has become toxic and even harmful to your own health, becomes the way to find a way out and, in addition, not to think about how you will feel afterwards.

That is why it is important that you create a bubble or fortress, where you use every nerve ending in your body to avoid feeling debated, sad and anguished, which are generally some of the feelings that arise when we are sad and depression wins us.

Therefore, believe in the firmness and power of your feelings, not giving your heart the first time so that you do not get hurt, so it is important that you know some suggestions, tips or ideas to help you love without suffering.

What do you need to love without suffering?

  • Strength.
  •  Self-love.
  • High self-stem.
  • Don’t worry about anything.
  • Avoid bad thoughts.
  • Being self-sufficient.
  • Don’t let them humiliate you.
  • Be aware of yourself.
  • Don’t let them intimidate you.
  • Does not change for anyone, always be the same?
  • Think things through before acting.

Instructions to love without suffering

What is suffering? It is to feel pain or suffering in different ways, but the case that we handle today is about suffering for someone who many times does not even deserve us to think about them, but who at some point will make us open our eyes and know how to live without having than feel pain.

It is interesting to be able to love someone without having to give everything, since many times we can have disappointments that will lead us to despair, lowering our self-esteem and feeling bad at heart. Has it ever happened to you? Well, with these tips you will not suffer anymore.

Learn step by step how to love without suffering

  1. Do not depend on the other person. What does this mean? When you depend on a person all the time, he takes away your identity and you look for a way to always be by your partner’s side, doing what he tells you at all times without having your own criteria, eliminating your own identity and waiting for the crumbs he gives you. If this happens, you should set limits when you feel like this, since this can mean that you depend on him at all times, generating a relationship of dependency and submission, which will end at any moment and leave you defeated, for what it is that you should avoid at all times.
  2. Do not give yourself completely. By giving your all, you risk having a relationship in which the other person is the one who sets the rules and if you don’t like it you have to put up with it; Well, it is not like that, because from the beginning you must give your best so that it does not happen to you that at the end of everything, you die crying of sadness. No one is indispensable, they will always tell you that and therefore you have to get it into your head, if you are thinking that the other person believes that you are unique, you are wrong; think that it is better to play it safe and not let any illusion blind you completely.
  3. Don’t think too much about problems. Let go of the problems and not get carried away by the circumstances that are surrounding your relationship; If you see that you don’t like something or it’s too obvious that they don’t love you, end the relationship yourself at once without the right to reply, your better half may be waiting for you somewhere else. Do not let yourself be dominated by the thought that there is no other person for you, because it is one of the biggest lies that exist. Somewhere there is a person who wants to love like you, so do not cling to something that may not have a remedy.
  4. Have more fun. Do not let them take away your good humor and the desire to go out with your friends. Always is the same person as when they met you, without changing in any way, so the problems will be less damaging and the other person will not feel that they have taken over you. Keep doing the same activities as when you met, since no one should change the character of the other person, since we must all adapt and respond sincerely to the manifestations of love that each one is capable of giving.
  5. Do exercises. Keep in mind that an exercise routine is a way to keep your mind busy on other things away from any bad thoughts towards your partner; think that it is better to give them the benefit of the doubt, as long as you do not know that they are doing you a dirty trick. And in addition to all this, it is also a way of keeping a routine in your life, which makes you keep your rhythm of life always active and at the speed you need to carry out your work activities in which you need sufficient concentration and energy to perform. In them.
  6. Keep fit. When a person feels good about herself, she knows that she must maintain a fairly high profile where her appearance plays a predominant role. Are you that type of person? Well, you will know that you have the strongest weapon to go against the unhealthy feeling that makes you suffer, pain. So if you decide to continue maintaining your diet and exercises to look and feel good, let nothing and no one stop you because thanks to this, you can continue to stay afloat without being bothered by the fact that you have lost that person you thought was special. For you.
  7. Don’t stress too much. Stress brings consequences that can be detrimental to your health and when trying to keep your life afloat, after a breakup, everything ends up in chaos so you should not be aware of the other person because what it can bring you is anxiety, pain and of course suffer more than necessary. It is better to do yoga, relaxation exercises and meditation to help mitigate the pain of your loss, but always remembering that you are worth more than the relationship you had, plus the bad times you had in it, can make you stronger than you what do you think.
  8. Let others worry about the problems. You don’t have to worry because you don’t have that person by your side who gave you problems, for now you just have to focus on being happy and giving your best so you don’t have to be suffering for something that doesn’t really deserve your tears. Nor your thoughts. Many people believe that if they lose true love they will no longer fall in love and the opposite happens, they find their soul mate where they least expect it and that is why when your relationship ends, leave the problems behind and also let others be the ones who worry about it.
  9. Think that no one is indispensable. There are times when suffering for a lost love, you think that you are indispensable, which is a mistake since nobody is and it is important that you have it present, since they discard you when they no longer love you, therefore your only thought should being that you are original, unique and irreplaceable. What does this mean? You are not indispensable, but you are necessary, so do not let them tell you otherwise, since that can affect your self-esteem and it should not be in the moments that you are loving spending too much and that person has not reciprocated you.
  10. Don’t let them tell you what to do. When entering a relationship you must impose yourself as a person so that they respect you for who you are and what you are worth, since many believe that they can be your masters and that escapes reality and if you do not start by making it clear what you want you can end up fall in love and suffer at the end of the relationship. Therefore, from the beginning, be yourself and let them try to change you, saying what you think at any time, besides, a person always wants sincerity in a relationship, so love freely and let them accept you with the value you have.
  11. Keep your mind open. Accept that you can give more than you plan that is an affirmation that will avoid you in the long run many disappointments, misunderstandings and of course suffering a disappointment that leads you to suffer too much, as long as you rely on the strength of your thinking and not including your heart. By letting reason prevail, from the first problem that comes your way you will find enough strength to train your feelings in a way that responds with strength to any fall, getting up immediately and keeping your dignity intact.
  12. Always have energy. To do this, gather the necessary strength so that you do not lose your courage, brightness, strength, being yourself without anyone telling you what to do or where to stand, because for that you are a person and not a porcelain doll that must be exhibited. Anywhere.

Tips to love without suffering

  • Be yourself in a relationship.
  • Don’t let others limit you.
  • Impose your rules from the beginning.
  • Always think with your head and not with your heart.
  • Enter the relationship carrying your own personality.


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