How to Make A Woman Eat

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Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get a woman to come? This is a question that men often ask themselves, because not everyone (much less the majority) knows how to make a woman eat. But why is it so difficult to make a woman come? Why is it so difficult to give a woman an orgasm? And even more, how to make a woman ejaculate effectively?

The answer is very simple: Because you don’t know how. That’s right, in real life, it’s not that difficult to make a woman come, you just have to know how to stimulate her, where and how to do it, because a woman’s orgasm is not that difficult to achieve.

In fact, women’s orgasms tend to be more powerful and prolonged than men’s. Only when it comes to stimulating them, we don’t always know how, or we have a head full of ideas that pornography has given us and we believe that as we see it in movies, it is the same way in which we should apply it to women.

But this is a serious mistake. Porn is fiction, and assuming that what we see there is what works in real life is nonsense. To give a woman a good orgasm, you need to work on her more. In addition, we should not generalize tastes, what one likes does not have to be liked by another, and often men make the mistake of repeating with a partner what the ex-liked or what they saw in a porn or other people advised them.

Sometimes it is because of these mistakes that it is very difficult to achieve ecstasy in a woman. If this is your case, don’t rush, we will tell you a great and very effective way to get your partner to have many orgasms and enjoy the best sex of their entire lives.

What do you need to make a woman eat?

  • Confidence
  • Consideration
  • lubricant
  • Condoms or contraceptives

Instructions to make a woman eat

  1. Forget pornographic ideas. Pornography is to arouse, that is its only function. Do not use it as a source of inspiration to stimulate your partner, because unless she is interested in that, the things that happen in porn often fail when applied in real life to a woman. It does not work like this. Do not forget that the more confidence that woman feels in you and in herself, the easier it will be for her to get excited. Give compliments, this always works to help defuse the situation and to arouse. Also don’t be too fast. Foreplay, small talk, and a few jokes also go a long way in creating an atmosphere of trust.
  2. For a woman to moan loudly you have to excite her a lot, only then will she do it, so forget the fantasies and learn what really excites her. There are girls who are shyer than others, either because of culture or personal complexes, and they don’t feel like expressing their sexual desires or tastes. That is why it will be necessary for you to explain to her that there is trust between the two of you, that you will not divulge her intimacies about her and that she can calmly tell you what she likes.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask. Another big mistake men make is not asking. Many believe that asking the partner what they want or what they like is showing a sign of weakness and lack of manliness when it comes to having sex. This is a lousy mistake. Ask your partner what he likes, what he wants, what he fantasizes about, what has been the dirtiest thing he has fantasized about and how far he wants to go. Agree and negotiate what practices you are willing to do and as long as it is something that both of you can enjoy and try. By doing that she will be able to feel more confident and get aroused faster.
  4. Do what you like and don’t be selfish. If we know, it is necessary that both enjoy, so dedicate part of your sexual activity to satisfy her. Do not dedicate yourself to satisfying yourself, this is the most disgusting and selfish thing that a man can do, dedicate himself to his own pleasure using his partner, instead of enjoying and sharing the pleasure with it. If you notice that she likes something you are doing, continue. Let her enjoy it.
  5. Don’t get stuck either. Some people have a bad habit of stalling when it comes to having sex. What do I mean by this? Well I mean that there are people who if they notice that a person likes something they repeat the same thing over and over again, until it becomes boring and predictable. Don’t do that, vary things. So even if your partner is enjoying himself a lot, he can get anxious waiting for you to continue while you do something else that you also enjoy.
  6. Don’t forget to talk during sex. There are things that really turn a woman on and sound is one of those things. For example your voice, whispering things in her ear can excite her a lot, from pretty words to the dirtiest language you can imagine. That’s right, several psychological and scientific studies, including a study conducted in 2013, revealed that the difference between the perception of sound between a man and a woman is different. Women can be even more aroused by hearing noises or words(as evidenced by stalking), than by other sexual activities or stimuli. Contrary to this, men are more prone to visual stimuli; hence men watch more porn than women.
  7. Your girl has a whole body, not just a vagina. It seems absurd to have to dwell on this issue, but there are men who think that the only way to make a woman come is by penetrating her. Understand something, less than 20% of women reach orgasm with vaginal penetration alone. So if your girl says that she only came from penetration, keep in mind that there is an 80% chance that she faked it (no offense). To reach orgasm, stimulation of the clitoris and in many cases of other erogenous zones is necessary, even when there is simultaneous penetration. If your girl likes you touching her breasts, fondling her, biting her, or anal stimulation, don’t be afraid to do it as long as she agrees and enjoys it.
  8. Women can be excited in many ways, caresses and kisses are essential, not only in foreplay, but in sexual activity. If you notice that your girl is breathing faster and faster while you are kissing, caressing or rubbing her with more passion, it is possibly because she is getting more and more excited. There are girls who like spanking and spanking, others only kisses and caresses and others massage the whole body. Don’t be afraid to do new things or get a little rough or depending on cute, if your girl is turned on by that. Remember that as long as it is consensual and not a crime, anything is possible!
  9. Remember the G-spot. This is essential for those who want to generate good orgasms or make their girl ejaculate. All women have a particularly sensitive area inside the vagina, which is best stimulated through masturbation. This area is an extinction of the clitoris (yes, the clitoris is not just the little button we see outside, but a larger organ). If we stimulate this area with our very excited and lubricated girl, trying to make rhythmic movements and slight pressures towards the front from time to time, we will be able to stimulate and generate an orgasm, especially if we also stimulate the area outside the clitoris or other parts of the body. With practice you can also generate female ejaculation.

Tips to make a woman eat

  • Another very important piece of advice that we want to give you is to maintain good hygiene. Most women like clean men. So take a bath, clean your nails well, and wear perfume, clean and fragrant clothes. Do not be dirty! This way you not only avoid diseases, but also make the sex session more enjoyable.
  • Don’t forget to use water-based lubricant to enhance the sensation of caressing, masturbation and penetration, especially if she doesn’t lubricate much.


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