How to Reduce the Flow in Menstruation

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The flow in the menstruation of the girls varies from one to another. The same there are girls with a menstrual period of 3 days or 5 days that the same there are others who can spend more than 7 days with a large amount of flow in menstruation. This brings with it many things, various pains, cramps, discomfort, and a lot of fatigue due to the excessive bleeding.

This strong bleeding can trigger many consequences that we can avoid and in addition to relieving the symptoms, be careful not to have other health problems. When we talk about health problems, we refer to anemia, for example, since by losing so much blood our body suffers so much that it does not recover from one menstruation to another. And of course, when we go out we find ourselves dizzier, tired, our heads hurt, and it becomes a big problem.

If once we go to the doctor we are sure that this excessive flow in menstruation is not due to any disease that must be treated carefully and with caution, we can choose the option of treating our symptoms naturally, since less even if these discomforts are not completely removed, they will be relieved to a great extent and that is already a big step.

For this we will not use or pills that drug us so as not to feel the pain or the surgery. We will do it through natural remedies that we can have on hand every time we are going to have menstruation or anticipate it so that when it arrives it is less annoying.

Excessive menstrual bleeding is called menorrhagia and if you have this disease, as we have said, you can experience very severe pain, cramps, discomfort, shortness of breath, blurred vision, rapid heartbeat and it can also affect when conceiving a child, as there are fewer chances of pregnancy. This menorrhagia triggers anemia that must be treated in any way.

If you want to know more about menstruation, how to delay your period  and how to stop your period,  you can see interesting articles,  but it is something that you should only do in cases of true emergency and if possible, no more than 2 times a year.

Instructions to reduce the flow in menstruation

  1. First of all, if you want to reduce the flow in menstruation, you should look at the diet. The diet is basic at that time as it is in any other, but if there is a lack of iron, you should eat foods rich in it such as: veal, prawns, liver pâté, turkey, green vegetables, potatoes cooked with skin among others. In addition to that, it would be important that you take products rich in manganese to reduce that excess blood, such as pineapple, or decaffeinated tea. The best thing you can drink from pineapple is the broth, which is very rich in essential components for our body at that time. And you can also complete this diet with foods rich in calcium that will make those cramps soften; among them are milk, yogurt, cheese, fish, and fruit, among others.
  2. In addition to a diet to complete these deficiencies in terms of iron, it would also be ideal for you to take some vitamins to complete everything that you lacked in addition to providing it with food. You can take iron supplements, manganese pills, zinc, calcium and vitamin B6. You can take a multivitamin supplement as well as everything separately, since you can find it both in pharmacies and herbalists.
  3. It is also something to keep in mind to reduce the flow of menstruation to do some sport and be as relaxed as possible. The exercise that we propose is not a marathon or anything wild; it is a little movement to avoid cramps and discomfort, because if you do excessive exercise your bleeding will be much worse. Therefore, you can tend to exercises such as walking, Pilates or yoga.
  4. Herbs such as belladonna or, among many others, viburnum oculus (cramp bark), which can also be found in health food stores, are also very beneficial.

What do you need to reduce the flow in menstruation?

  • Iron rich foods
  • Manganese
  • Calcium rich foods
  • Food supplements
  • Gentle sport and relaxation
  • Herbs
  • Heat

Tips to reduce the flow in menstruation

  1. Keeps your strength resting as much as you can?
  2. To avoid or relieve cramps you can take hot baths and use a water bag and put it in the place where you tend to get the most cramps. You can also take a hot water bottle and put it on your lower abdomen.
  3. Avoid douching, since having such an excessive menstrual flow makes you more prone to infections.
  4. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, since losing so much blood can make you dehydrated. In addition, caffeine interrupts the ability of your body to recover from anemia at that time, since it prevents the absorption of iron.
  5. Avoid foods with a lot of saturated fats, as they raise the level of estrogen and the blood is higher.
  6. Try not to consume a lot of sugar, since it causes the body to lose vitamin B and it will not be able to fight anemia in the same way.
  7. Take a more relaxed and not so negative attitude although we know that it is difficult, many times the way we take things harms us a lot and this is reflected in our body with more excess menstrual flow. With a calmer and more positive position, you will carry it better.


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